Monday, February 8, 2010

The Mini Window Shade

Privacy was the purpose of this craft. But it still needed to be cute, because it is in my main sitting area.  I wanted to use fabric from the curtains I made to have a coordinating piece in the room.  The other side of the cover is fabric leftover from my window pane bulletin board.  I wasn't sure if this was going to work, but I have been feeling freaked out that you can see directly in this cute window at night. 
I love the light though.  So now I can move the wreath on the outside and allow all the light to come in during the day...and then at night I can roll it down and feel safe and secure. I can run around in my undies...and noone will be the wiser.  Actually, more likely is I can sit in my sweatpants, sweatshirt, scarf and hat....and not be spied on by anyone scary. 
One night, when sweet old traveling Army Guy was HOME...we heard our doorbell ring at 11pm. I have no clue why he decided to answer. But he did. And it was not a neighbor asking for sugar. It was a scary, creepy homeless guy asking where a certain street was.  Why would you do that at 11pm? I have no idea.  But I was NOT comfortable. Especially considering I am often alone.  So, alas, the curtain is born.

I began by roughly measuring the area I needed to cover. Then I cut two pieces of fabric to size. I actually treated this like a normal curtain panel, but I used a GLUE GUN.  I could have sewed. But in my mind I thought ....let's just try this with glue and if we love it we can try again.  Glue guns are my friend.  Especially the one I have now that gets less hot. Remember the injury? 
I went slow and steady with the progress of the curtain. I glued around the edges, checked things out, then turned it right side out so all the fabric was visible. The bottom hem is a little uneven. Whoops. It doesn't have to be perfect (continue to repeat as a mantra, over and over)  I feel better. Justified somehow. Like it would be boring if it were perfect.
I am now sitting in the spot on my couch where I would have been visible before. Now I am safe. Enclosed :) Ready for bed even. I'm just sayin. It's late.


  1. What a great idea! Thank you by the way for the comment on my blog. I loved it and cracked up reading it. Thanks!

  2. really cute and a good idea.

    I've had some (more than enough really) pretty spooky late nite people at my door too. It seems like we attract them.

    I know what mean about privacy;even if it is a little window.

  3. That's so clever! I have windows on the side of my door that I need to do that for. I'm totally stealing your idea! Thank you!

  4. ohh my gosh, i love it! super cute!

  5. Love it! What did you attach it to the door with?

  6. I just love the fabric and ribbon :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"