Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More No Sew Curtains

Do you ever buy fabric because you love it, but don't know what you're going to do with it? That is how I shop. I buy things I love...then fit them in.  My husband doesn't like that. He likes to have a plan. Oh goodness, that would be like doing into a store and only going in and buying what is on your list. No FUN!!!

When I decided to make these curtains for my laundry room, I just bought some fabric I loved (on sale and Joanns...) and started gluing it up (the one on the door).  It had some plantation blinds, so I hot glued the fabric around almost like a custom made box.  Once again, I could have sewed these...but why? They took two seconds and look just fine...(all you perfectionists out there are totally cringing, I know)

The one on the tiny window is made inspired by The Nester.  It is tacked up using upholstery tacks.  You basically take the fabric and tack each side, leaving lots of extra fabric in the middle.  You will tack the two sides and think things have gone very wrong. Then you will begin making small folds or pleats. When you get them how you want them, you push in another upholstery tack.  Voila. I could pull them off right now, if I wanted. But, they are secure up there. 
Okay, don't judge the mess, just look at the curtains, PLEASE.  I won't judge you either...okay? :) 
That's all for now. Leaving you with a picture of my three favorite people on early.  My man. My mom. My dad (in the background.. :)  oh, and Brandon's shirt. Reminds me of a random thrift store that we found it at in college.  Makes me smile. 

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  1. Wow those are so pretty. And just for the record, your "mess" is like a page outta House Beautiful compared to mY laundry room!