Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Curtains and Cupcakes..

Oh man. I'm tired.
But not too tired to make rainbow cupcakes! Tomorrow is "Incredibly Terrific Kid Day" at school...and these sweet kids deserve it. Well, and I've been wanting to try them. They were super fun to make. Speaking of fun things to make...that is why I got on this talk about the awesome curtains I recently made.

Well, according to "The Nester", it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. So these that I made can be considered BEAUTIFUL! I have been following her tutorials for 'window mistreatments' for almost a year now...but I have been too afraid to actually make anything. I had some basic brown curtains that didn't quite reach the ground...and I knew I needed to do something to make them more exciting. I found some cute fabric and attached it to the end of the curtain using a GLUE GUN...that's sewing here. I did these in about 20 minutes...including attaching the pom poms on top of the fabric addition. They look pretty cute and make the window really pop!

At the top of the the curtains, I ran some clearance-found silk across the top and tacked it up...then attached some AWESOME pom poms I found at Hobby Lobby.

Not perfect. But beautiful :)


  1. Brooke, these look great! You're so crafty!

  2. i love them! i so want to do something for new curtains and this a fabulous idea - especially the no sewing part of it! A straight stitch is about all i am good for!!

  3. It turned out great. Love the fabrics you chose.