{Things I LOVE}

burlap and lace
a good High Intensity Interval workout
friends that feel like family
stroller strong moms... a community of mamas who choose to model a healthy lifestyle to their kiddos.
bad knees
hot dogs
baby smells
mouth noises
riding my bike to the store
using photos to tell a story
starbucks water cups
stretch marks
baby smiles and laugh
the Lord
worship music
burlap and lace
lake water and warm sun
ethiopian cries (ay-yi-yi)
funky sun flares
dirty floors
sweet notes from my hubby
mychurch. my church is actually called mychurch.  confused?
running long distances. 
the feeling when I'm DONE running long distances
balga socks. weird brand obsession.
little boy clothes. hard not to be obsessed with tiny sperry's and tom's.
lancome foundation. thanks mom.