Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random Sunday

I must confess. The shoes are not done justice by the bring bright flash.  They even look scary. I am tempted to take them back down. But you will love them soon enough. So here is the preview.

Why am I showing you my pathetic-ness below? I have no clue!!! I got home from church and changed into the flannel polka dot pajamas (my first pair, I got for pajama polar express day this Christmas).Then I had to take the dogs to the backyard so I put the galoshes on. But they totally clash. But I already had on my tunic, from church. So all in all...I was lookin good. I'm glad I didn't see anyone.

      Fabric I scored at Joann's today :) Happy Day!

Buoy in the fireplace. Looking at my messy floor :)  Below is sweet Bella.

This is my front door. It has that weird window. Which I love during the day, but it creeps me  out at night. Like some weirdo could just be peering in anytime. In fact, we had some creepy guy ring our doorbell at 11pm one night. Totally random and scary. He wanted directions.  Not okay.  Im just sayin. I'm alone sometimes.  Anyway, I made a solution today. I'll show you when it's all done tomorrow.

Bootcamp in Am. Tough morning planned for the ladies.
Oh, and I'm considering doing a half Ironman in May. Definitely in September. I like Columbus :)
The one below is my second or third tri.

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  1. Ahhh I love your blog and wish I blogged as much as you do!!!