Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little man feet...

One of my favorite parts of Briar were his feet.
They were huge for his little size.
He was adorable.  the photo of his feet are still on my desktop of my macbook.

The feet together on the canvas.  The set you see on the wall is the top set, Briar's feet.
finn briar

sweet feet.  Brandon and I always thought Briar's feet were huge.  Then we did Finn's footprints, and we put them under Briar's.  The vision for the canvas in that room is to have all three boys' footprints on there (Briar, Finn and Eli).  Finn's look HUGE, thus making sweet Briar's look so small.  I am not quite sure how that makes me feel.  I liked feeling like his feet were big, because it made him seem real and substantial.  Obviously he is real...was real...but as Finn is VERY real and PRESENT every day, it makes me miss Briar that much more and wish he were here every day.

Enjoying the moments with Finn helps me to realize all that I am missing or missed with Briar.
But every time I look back on that day with Briar, I am thankful.  I recently had a girl reach out to me who was dealing with a diagnosis of anencephaly.  It is not a journey I would wish on anyone, so it is tough for me to hear that someone else is dealing with it, but it is also really neat that the Lord has given me the opportunity to encourage others.  The journey is tough, so I am happy to support people that are dealing with the loss of their sweet baby.

The moments with Finn are special because he is special.  Time with him is not diminished just because I miss Briar, but there are the moments that I think back and wish that we got more time.  I put this print in the nursery to remind me that I can CHOOSE to be happy, even in those moments that I miss my little man.  "Today I WILL (indicating I will choose to be) be happier than a bird with a french fry" I don't know if birds love french fries...but there is something that makes me happy about this print.  A little random, just like me...and just random enough to make you smile...

 I got hats like this for Briar, and so I wanted to get them for Finn. I got bigger ones for Finn, but they didn't fit him.  :) So they are still cute to hang, but he didn't really get to wear them.
Look at this sweet vest.  Finn wore this home from the hospital.  I can't believe how much bigger he is ALREADY!

I realize that this post is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  But remember what I wrote yesterday?  That is just my you'll have to be okay with it. :)

PS.  have you ever decorated your nursery, and wondered why you haven't spent more time decorating the rest of your house? I love spending time in the nursery, which makes me feel like I should have beens pending more time decorating other rooms in my house.  Hmm..

gray ric rac copy

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  1. I found your nursery on pinterest and it looks awesome! I also spied a fellow UK fan! GO CATS :)