Monday, November 28, 2011


my goodness, what whirlwind!
All kinds of firsts this week.
Today, was my first time to make Baked Oatmeal, and boy was it good!!  Thank you Kathryn Means for the recipe!

This past week was full of firsts..
Our first airplane ride (also, Finn's first time nursing with his feet in someone's lap other than his dad...poor seatmate..)
Our first time nursing in public (on a plane and at the ATL airport)
our first time on a roadtrip (7 hours) with a baby!
Our first time meeting our cousin! Jackson was born two days after Finn, and is the son of Brandon's brother Jerad and our sister in law Alicia. Jackson and Finn even look a little similar. We are so excited to have them grow up together.
Our first time meeting sweet little Ethiopian boys and the adoption reunion through lifeline in Louisville. Made me so excited for the next couple of months!
Our first time shopping with gigi...and we ended up with lots of new clothes..for Finn.
Our first time with regular naps during the day (up until last week, I just let him sleep when he wanted...but eventually realized it was time to transition to more structured naps in his crib...)
Our first time meeting ALL of Brandon's family ...which was so much fun!!  We even went to London, KY to see everyone...which was just wonderful!
The first time Finn smiled AT US....and now he does it very is wonderful!
I am thankful for all these firsts, for the opportunity to have so many 'firsts' with my second boy.

I am thankful for my incredible husband, who loaded his poor self down with monster energy drinks to make the drive up to KY and then back again.  I am thankful for the extra weight I am carrying around my middle that reminds me of a beautiful journey I came on to create this child!

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  1. Hi there!! We can catch up via your blog! :) I can't wait to try this recipe...I think MB could eat an entire vat of oatmeal all by herself! And nursing in are probably already a pro, but if not, you will be. It took me awhile. My friend Elizabeth could do it and I swear I wouldn't even realize she was nursing till she was done! It will get easier-but like I said-you are probably already a pro! And those first smiles...there is just nothing like them. Glad to hear you all are doing great. We are settled in and Mary Brent is growing, growing, growing. Just thinking of you...Merry Christmas!!! p.s.-I soooo miss BootCamp!!!! :)

  2. Oatmeal looks yummy. Sweet baby:) Jump over and visit me sometime.