Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The way I work..

Have you ever had a major realization about the way you function?
Hanging out with my dad makes me realize that I am just like him!
My dad is awesome.  But I will tell you that I notice the things about him that are hard for me....
I am interested in many things.
I am very creative minded, and very talented in some areas with my hands (working with things, crafting..his is more construction/woodworking and mine is more just crafty..)
We have lots of interests and love to research things.
But we are all over the place.


A typical trip through my brain in a given morning would be this.
Are you ready? You might be scared. You might respect me less.
I do not finish tasks.
I need some help learning to function with my strengths (creativity, thinking outside the box, etc...) while allowing my mind to FOCUS and accomplish tasks...

I am going to go to the kitchen to make some coffee.
On the way there, I see a dirty sock, so I take it with me to the laundry room, which is near the coffee maker. On the way to the laundry room, I see the computer and decide I should check my email. When I am checking my email, I realize I should probably check the bank balance.  Ooh, I should probably pay bills while I am here, I think.  When I walk to the desk to get the bills, I see a mess on the dining room table.  I take that stuff to the sink and clean it.  When I try to put the things in the dishwasher, I realize it is full of clean dishes.  Oh, well...I need to return to the computer, I'll have to finish it later.  I return to the email and notice an email from two days ago I haven't answered. When I am answering that, about halfway through, I notice I still have some photos up from last night on my desktop. They are so cool, I should probably work on them, I think. When I have been doing that for about 10 minutes, I realize I still haven't had any coffee. When I stand up, the sock falls out of my lap and I realize I wanted to take it to the laundry room. I stand up and take it to the laundry room and I notice all the clean laundry. I re-start the dryer and decide I should fold that load when I finish making my coffee, so I will warm it up so I can fold it and make it wrinkle free. When my coffee is done, I walk back to the computer, where I think I should go ahead and look for recipes for dinner. Instead of doing that, I notice my email open where I proceed to answer the last email I was working on. As I am answering that, I think about my frined Susie in California, and I think that I should check what she is doing on facebook so I can ask her that question I was thinking about, before I forget.  Oh man, but what was that question?  Oh gosh, I better go get my crying baby..... and that is the end of the task run around until I think of something new, and then inevitably make my way back to some/most of these tasks...

Seriously, no joke, that i just a glimpse.
As I wrote this blog post, I sat here, but I checked facebook, uploaded pics to facebook, tinkered with photos on Photoshop, came back to this post, went back to facebook, went back to photos, rocked my baby, got up to have a brownie (yep, I know, do I want to lose the baby weight or not?!), came back to the blog post, and now here I am.

If you are like me, and have found a way to be successfully productive and organized, will you help me?  SOme of you are much more naturally 'task oriented"...where you must complete one before moving to the next (my hubby..).  This is so much more efficient, but it is not how my mind works...  but remember that I could take it personal...so be nice :)

A post isn't a post without pictures, and since I haven't shown you Finn in a while, here are some pictures back at five weeks (yep, a whopping two weeks ago)

A big belly... and a long torso, that makes our three month clothes not fit, at five weeks...
This round face makes me laugh.  Looking at baby pictures though, it looks like pops (Brandon) had the same shape face as a baby!

And then where we like to hang out, on the floor of the nursery

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  1. i {thanks to my husband's observations and comments} have discovered over the past several years i am EXACTLY the same way. i have yet to figure out how to stay task oriented and get things done as priorities change. that's one of my bigger obstacles. something becomes a bigger priority and i change tasks intentionally...then never complete the task i left. i'll take any help i can get as well.

  2. Girl That sounds exactly like me :) hehehe! Thanks for sharing that. Made me feel not so scatter brained! I know that you get things done though, it might not be perfectly in order, but it gets done! Walking through the house cleaning I start to clean this and see that something else needs to be organized and so on and so on... But at the end of the day most of it is finished! :) Love you girl and miss you so much!

  3. I felt exactly like that post-pregnancy too! I couldn't get a single task done without starting (and not finishing) 47 other things! I think it might be new-mama brain that makes us so disorganized. I'd be on my way to the bathroom and 45 minutes (and six other half-finished tasks later) I'd realize I still needed to go! There's just too much to do and not enough time! The good news is, things slowly got back to normal (for me, anyway) and I was able to unload the dishwasher only stopping once or twice to do something else domestic. Now, of course, I look for excuses to take a break. :)

    (Sorry, you don't know me, but I've been stalking for awhile and this post was so relatable, I just had to butt in!)


  4. I think it is called being a mother and wanting to accomplish everything! As for the editing goes...I sometimes just have to CLOSE OUT the internet - no facebook, blog or email distractions. And then I set a goal of how many images I want to edit. I usually opt to do a 'set' of similar images from a session (ie my cousin's senior portraits - yes, i'm distracted by blogger right now - but the first time i sat down with her images i edited the ones of her along the fence. come back later, open up the images of her in the leaves, come back later and open the ones of her on the tractor.) Also, something that helped with the kids at school - that I eventually brought home - was to set a timer for X number of minutes and I madly dash around the house the finish up those pesky little tasks I don't want to finish or i left half-tackled. Serioulsy, the timer works for me! Nate has never seen me do it, but I'm sure he'd think I were crazy if he did!
    But I totally relate to the sock-dining room table-computer tasks! You want to be efficient, so you think you might as well accomplish task B on the way to task A. :)
    -Amanda Mitchell

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  6. That is SO the way my brain works, too! Lol, I don't know if I should be giving anyone productivity tips... but the only things that really work for me are making lists on post-it notes (so I can stick them somewhere really obvious) or setting reminders to beep on my phone. That way, I can add things as I think of them and cross them off whenever I get around to them. The thing is, my lists never actually end... everything I cross off reminds me of something new to add. It really just helps me keep track of the thousand things I'm thinking of so that I can remember where the whole line of dominoes started. :)

  7. I don't actually know you in any way shape or form. (I found your blog through Bethany's. I went to high school with her.) Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your entire "go to the kitchen..." all over the place experience is an exact match to what is experienced by adults with ADHD. I'm not sure if this is something you're aware of or not, but just thought I'd stick my nose in where it doesn't belong and let you know. What you do with that information is up to you.