Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Business of being AWESOME...

what to do
Found this at Joy's Hope a while ago.

I hope this helps if that ever happens to one of your friends.  Even as time goes on, it means SO MUCH when you remember.  Thanks, also, for just rejoicing with me as the Lord continues to bring us blessings as we walk through more of our grief.

I feel so lucky to have this baby that is kicking me every day.  I feel lucky that I am not going back to a classroom in a couple days.  I am able to get ready for this baby to come.  I am going to miss teaching SO MUCH.  I love being with the kids and really affecting their hearts and their lives.  I feel so passionate about allowing them to really know how to be kind people and treat others well.  But, for now, I will have to worry about meeting the needs of my newborn. And eventually, I will get to parent in the same way I teach...by loving these kids even when they drive me crazy....by teaching them how to be kind, how to obey, how to trust that God has the best for them...even when they are frustrated.

It is a great feeling.
But, I am so scared of the journey of parenting!

Guess  what my new motto is as a SAHM? 
biz of awesome
I also found this at Joy's Hope...and she said we are welcome to take it! And print it.  Happy Tuesday.

And with that, I will leave you with my HANDSOME, NEWLY HAIRLESS HUBBY!
He is so handsome with a shaved head!  I just love this guy!  When I first started liking him in high school, he had just shaved his head for the swimming state championships.  And that shaved head caught my eye, big time.
Oh man, he is handsome.
He doesn't love it shaved.
But I got lucky for our wedding and it ended up being shaved, because he just got back from Ranger School.  He has shaved it again several times just to make me smile :)  
He did it again last week.  
Thanks Hubby!

hot hubby

I hope little Finn has your eyes :) and everything else about you...

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  1. yes, I do think you'll do well in Business! You pretty much have awesomeness down to a science!

  2. Be in the business of being awesome? LOVE IT. I enjoy reading your blog. :)

  3. dear brookie...i L.O.V.E. you. and you are already in the business of being awesome and doing quite well. and will continue, i'm sure. :)

    ps. why are our hubs so in sync? grant shaved his head yesterday {because his mama started losing her hair :( }....not even kidding you!!!!!!