Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Spring Break project...

I'm sad that spring break is ending.
But it will be fun to get back to school tomorrow.
I will be honest and tell you that I didn't get that much done this week.
It is a major issue in my life lately.
Another topic for another day.

But one thing I did do was this.
We got a hammock when Brandon was in Iraq the first time (2006). He didn't use it there, although he had good intentions of putting it up inside his CHU (containerized housing unit). Well, we moved here soon after he returned.  When we finally got settled, I guess we were cheapskates.  We never wanted to fork over the $100+ we needed for a hammock stand. So I guess we were waiting to find one on the side of the road, or at a garage sale.
Well, it hasn't happened.
So one night, sweet hubby and I took a bike ride on the Rails to Trails near our house. It is pretty cool....they took the train tracks and made them into paved trails to bike (run) on. The only problem is they cross busy roadways, so you have to be very aware of your surroundings. Also, don't fret, we were on the tandem, so we were safe.  Many preggos choose not to ride bikes.  Other people compete in triathlons during their whole pregnancy.  For me, I find a happy medium at riding a tandem bike with my hubby that has very thick, stable wheels.

After that portion of the date, Brandon took me to Lowe's to pick up a hammock stand. Quite romantic. But really, it was. :)
Then he came home and put it up, into the darkness of the night.
It felt like something we had to conquer.
And we did.
And we wonder why we didn't spend that 100 dollars years ago! Why did we let this beautiful hammock sit in our attic?
It is cute, our little neighbors can see us when they are at the top of their play equipment. They looked over the other day and Brandon had just planted a smooch on me.
THe little boy, Drew, (who we didn't know was there) went, "Ewwww!". :)
Better stick to reading on the hammock....
It got a little dark as we started putting it up. But we were determined!  See the playground equipment over the fence? That was the spot...
He tried it out. He offered to let me, but I figured I didn't need a hammock flipping on me (it has happened before) I would let him test it out :)
It didn't take long for our girl to want to join...
Look at Buoy in the background, looking on...
Maybe jealous...
Maybe just wondering why his sister can't chill out a little.
Trying to get her to calm down is quite a feat...

In other news,

I realized that i have NO pregnancy photos of this pregnancy. Maybe I was just over it after posing for the weekly shots for the last nine months..But really, None? NONE. I will be 17 weeks this week...and I have NO PHOTOS. What a bummer, and what a disservice to this little bean {navel orange}! It really bums me out that we haven't done any, but time has just flown by with this one!
So, I promise I will take a photo this week. The bump is surely growing.

And the pregnancy dreams are starting.
I had a dream that I went to visit Ashley Ann in OK, and I got two flat tires. I think I was there for a SNAP SHOP. Her husband, Chris, had to help me, but since I had one spare, we were having a tough time figuring out what to do. Quite the interesting dream about people I have never met.

Happy week to you!

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  1. preggo pics please! and LOVE the hammock!

  2. LOL, I had super crazy preggo dreams too!! I never knew what random people would end up in my dreams.. amazing what all those hormones do to your body & your head! =)
    also, love the hammock & can't wait to see some cute pics of your baby bump!

  3. I'll be 19 weeks this week and I have 0 photos too! I'm also turning into a moose, so I think that may be why I'm not pumped about documenting this :) Cankles have already started, already look like I'm waaaay further along than I really am. But, I'm sure these are photos we'll cherish someday (someday when I'm thin and in much better shape), so I'm getting on the ball.

  4. that hammock is adorable! i have one i bought at a yard sale (stand and all) that has never seen the light of day. maybe if i had a yard...
    and i'm so glad you got to see ashley ann and her husband in your dream! next time maybe you can meet me at the anderson crew's house and we can play with elsa! haha hooray for blog creepin'