Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This weekend..

We are attempting, for the second time this year, to join together with other like-minded families.  Families who are interested in the idea of adoption.  Families that love the idea of foster care and caring for orphans.  I will be honest and tell you the obvious...I am not a great writer.  I am not an eloquent speaker, nor do I have much of interest to say.  BUT....something that is of GREAT importance is the way the CHURCH is called to LOVE people.  We feel called to LOVE those who have no parents.  

So that is this weekend...
And obviously, only if you live in Columbus (GA) or surrounding areas.  

Maybe afterward, we could play a game of soccer.
Whoops, maybe not with this ball.
Because my dogs have destroyed this one.
But we still play lots of one on one with it.

I think it is a beautiful picture of our life.
A little banged up.  A little bit not what I thought it would look like.
But it still works...perfectly...if you choose to look at it a little differently! :)


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  1. I would come in a heart beat! How about instead.... sometime between July 1st and August 15th-ish you come to nashville and we'll have a little weekend together!?