Friday, April 8, 2011

photography group

Our church does GROWTH GROUPS.  This is sort of an unconventional approach to a bible study or life group.  Each person who leads one chooses a topic. It might be a beth moore bible study.  It might be fencing (does anyone do that, except my old soccer coach from Tunisia?) or it could be reading...  Then they meet each week and do something along those lines.  Brandon plays softball as one of his "growth groups".  I lead a "photography group".  I am NO EXPERT, but I do enjoy it, and I wanted to create community amongst other people that do too!!
One of the favorite parts of my week is photography group. I enjoy being with people who want to learn more about their cameras. Kate, my sweet friend, has been coming since the start and I am so thankful for her! SHe has been a great teacher and helper, and I feel like she has stepped in and helped me lead it, since she is way more of a subject matter expert than I am!  Practice makes perfect in photography.  So, we have had several models throughout the last couple weeks. One of them was my friend Natalie's sweet puppy, Georgia. Another consisted of various couples in our group...which was a fun adventure.
Sweet Georgia
I love seeing Georgia play with Natalie! They are so cute! My dogs don't do this anymore with me :) They just eat my things...
Trying to practice some rules of composition with Natalie.
Oh, and then we have the infamous tandem bike. This little $30 garage sale purchase has taken us on many dates, driven us to the grocery store, to dinner, on the riverwalk, on the Rails to is a very fun little bike. And I don't feel scared on it when I am pregnant because the wheels are SO WIDE and my strong hubby is in control.
These are not pictures of us, but friends of ours that we talked into riding it. Some of them were more excited than others :)
Stephanie was a great sport, although I don't think tandem bike riding is her best friend :)

Today is my last week day of spring break, and I wouldn't say I'm thrilled about it.  But it has been a great break.  Pretty relaxing, fun, and full of surprises.  I have been able to stay up for Brandon's softball games.  Last night we got home at 11pm.  Normal me, that wakes up at 5am, couldn't have done that, so I am thankful for this week and those fun little changes!  Hopefully this weekend will be filled with some time at the lake, although don't count on me getting IN the water....more just tanning OUTSIDE it.

On another adoption related note, we are really excited that we got our Fingerprint Appointment in Atlanta for our "I600a: Application for Advance Processing or Orphan Petition". It is so random...we have to drive to Atlanta to get them done on a MONDAY. I know if we reschedule, it will take weeks, so we are just going to have to go for it! Pretty crazy!  That means we are one step closer to the US Government approving our adoption, and then sending their approval to us, which we will send to Ethiopia!  Pretty awesome, if you ask me!

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