Thursday, March 17, 2011


Oh Fasting.
We have a love,hate relationship.
Fasting: to abstain from food.  (Many people fast other things..)
What an incredible way to re-focus your attention on the Lord.  What a neat way to be reminded to pray all throughout the day.  When I lived in Kentucky in college, I did a liquids only fast with my church there. It was incredible. But it was challenging and tough.  It taught me how much I really value food in my day.  It taught me how much my mind is consumed with FOOD and not with GOD. 

This time around, I decided not to do liquids only. I decided to fast sweets. I have done this before for personal reasons. Because I love them so much. But i have not recently done a fast to re-focus my attention on the Lord. On the things that are important and relevant.

I am doing that now. And it has been wonderful.  So many times, I find my mind wandering. And then I turn to prayer.  I turn to focusing on why I can't have them.
But oh boy, I would really like some sweets.
Here are some things I have been dreaming about in my free time :)

collage blog


And then there is this sweet girl! My sweet friend Kelsey's girl, Jocelyn.  I had an incredible time taking pictures of their family.  I will probably share some here, although I don't share all pictures I take on the blog.  but they are so dear to our family...we have so much that we share....I will have to share some of the fun we had with you!  This picture happened after she had a sucker, and was not dealing with it well.  It was the most major melt down she has ever had about an 'item', Kelsey said.  I felt horrible for bringing it on...but it was re-affirming why sugar is overrated! :)  So, maybe I will keep my focus. I don't want to look like this because I'm missing my sugar.  Although...if I were this cute, maybe I would want to look like this! 

gray ric rac copy


  1. Not my proudest parental moment, but what an adorable picture! :)

  2. Oh you are brave to give up sweets! lol I love my sweets so that would be tough!