Tuesday, August 3, 2010

At work...

This picture came in an email to me today. It made me smile. This is my best bud Hay. We spent a summer together in Macedonia. It felt like ten years. In real life, we've probably only spent a total of 9 weeks together. But it feels like years.  Just an example of how people are walking through this journey with me. Sending me love in different ways, every day.

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
-Matthew 6:34 (NIV)

I feel like each day, God gives me enough to make it through the next day. He is El Shaddai, one of the Hebrew names for God, means "the all-sufficient God,"the God of more than enough. By trusting that God is enough, I can take life one day at a time.  As I walk through each day, I can truly say that work is going well so far. We are on day two.  I have had to tell the story several times (By story, I mean telling people that my baby has a fatal birth defect, watching their jaws drop. One person even thought I was joking, because I said it so straight faced. I suppose it is just normal at this point. It is my life. It is truth), so eventually I asked my principal if we could send out an email to the staff to divert all the questions. It has worked like magic, and people still talk to me about the baby, but they refrain from talking about Briar's "Problems" (notice the quotations, because I don't think they are problems, but they are problems tot he world)  My counselor actually said that when her husband had cancer, this was the way she chose to deal with it at work. She needed to focus at work, so she just couldn't talk about it over and over.  I think it will work well. Now, if we can just send an email to all my students :) and give them social skills so they won't ask! Just joking, I have no clue how I'm going to deal with the students and their interesting comments and questions.

So, we bought this nice car from my grandma. It is a great car, and we were lucky to pay cash for a vehicle. It is so nice, in fact, that it has leather seats. As much as I like these, with 100+ degree temperatures, it makes for scorching seats.  That, in combination with my pregnant self, requires some extra care. So, after burning my bottom a couple days in a row, and sweating (GROSS) on the leather, I decided to cover a pad I like to sit on with fabric.  (Amy Butler fabric, of course).  I am not talented enough to sew a cover for this very interesting slanted shape, so I decided to bring the glue gun back out.
I used this fun fabric:
I burnt myself several times. The glue gun will cause that problem. I still have scars on my fingers from a crazy time making curtains for my mom :)  
This is the finished pad.  It makes my new (to me) car look really spiffy.

Here is a snippet from my new skirt that is SO ADORABLE.  I just love it. It was handmade from a place called twirls.  It is so, so special because the sweet woman who handmade it even emailed me recently to tell me that as she makes things, she thinks about the person she is making it for. She knows my story, and she told me that she prayed for me as the made it.  How special is that? I felt really loved to know that!


  1. I wanted to reply to you in an email but it said no-reply sooo I had to come comment. Your comment had me in tears. My prayers will be headed your way!!! Much, much love to you sugar.

  2. The story about the skirt made me cry!!! What a neat thing!!! There are so many people praying for you and loving you guys!!!