Friday, March 5, 2010

Bakerella does it again...

I'm feeling Joyful.  How could you not be when you look at these?
As featured on Martha Stewart. Could they be any cuter?
I haven't tried to make any yet, but I feel certain  mine will be a disaster.
I have made cake pops before. They are not as easy as they look.
But I will try these until I get them right. Because they are so sweet :)

These are the No Sew Curtains (mine)...which I still have lots of leftover fabric from..
Below is an adorable dress (not mine)...(which I found under Ashley Ann's lovelies)
Looks a little ambitious for me.
I wonder if I could hire someone to do the hard parts? :)
Speaking of cute....Look at this easy, adorable necklace...
Laura started her blog around the same time as I did and we found each other. I keep up with her often because she is adorable and always posts the cutest things.  She has almost double my wonder :)  She loves Jesus, her hubby, and I you've got to love her.

Speaking of her, I feel super lucky that my blog friend Laura decided to give me a blog award.  
Here are the rules for the award:
Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
Copy the award and paste it to your blog.
Tell us 7 interesting facts about yourself.
Nominate 7 bloggers that you love and link to their blog.

I don't know that I am incredibly interesting, but how about I just tell you some facts...

1.  I am an only child.  I want four children or more.
2. I met my husband in my homeroom classroom, the first day of high school.  He wore a dirtbike jersey. I ignored him and said "NO" when he asked me to homecoming.
3. . I was proposed to in my (High School) homeroom classroom, by him, near the last day of college.
4.  I've had three knee surgeries on the same knee, which is why I choose to workout every day. I"m thankful.
5.  I am a crazy University of Kentucky Basketball fan. I will stop people on the streets if they are wearing Kentucky stuff. It must be something about moving away and wanting a connection to home. :)
6.  I was in a Montgomery Gentry video called "My Town".  If you watch close, I flash right across the screen. They shot it in my hometown...because it is THEIR TOWN TOO! :)
7.  I was married on my husband's birthday, which happens to also be two days before Christmas...poor guy, he claims he doesn't mind because he won't ever forget his anniversary.
I nominate:
Ashley Ann- Under the Sycamore

Most of these women have so many people visit their blogs...I'm embarrassed to even link to them.  I visit their blogs ALL THE TIME, and they probably are thinking "Who is this person?". But...I don't care...because they deserve awards too....

Enjoying a weekend in historic, beautiful, charming Savannah, GA....catch up with you later!


  1. You are so sweet!! Thanks for making me smile this morning : ) This post is full of LOVELIES! That dress! It looks ambitious for me, too, but I can dream....

  2. Thank you soso much. I was having a rough day and this made me SOSO happy.

    Thank you, friend.

  3. Awesome post! Thanks for listing me! You are sweet. :)

  4. You're too sweet! I can share how I made the was a bit more work than I thought but it's fun. Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  5. I think I have FINALLY figured it out! One step closer to a Baby Blog~I feel very 2010!! ;) Just wanted to share that I am copying you-I am making the Rainbow Cupcakes for my kids tomorrow. Kind of a late treat for finishing Terra Nova-I was too tired last Thurs. night. Anyway-they're looking super cute-thanks!! And congrats on the blog award-well deserved!!!! :)