Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Gender Surprise

Tonight at growth group we got to find out whether our friends Adam and Catherine were having a boy or was so fun :)  They brought pink and blue cupcakes and had us choose based on what we thought it was.  Earlier in the night Adam had made a slip and said something while telling a story, "Aren't you excited about the boy"....
So when it was time to pick cupcakes, everyone chose the blue. 
I chose pink. Rebel.
Sure enough...Adam was bluffing!! It is a GIRL!!! 
Poor Catherine is going to have to deal with my poor attempts at DIY projects...there are so many cute ones for girls :)  
Too bad Rebecca isn't finding out.  It will be such a fun surprise in June though!!
Until then, hopefully she crafts a lot. Check out her cute pin below!
Congrats Guys....Our little lap dog was excited too...obviously.

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