Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Ramblings..

So these aren't the cutest pictures of it. I'm on my way to work...not much time. But...I like how it's beginning to come together. Way too many colors...  This little organizer is making my  room look  more scrapbook friendly. It was gray...and I got it from a teacher friend when she retired.  I painted it blue and painted one side chalkboard...and now it's a cute little cubby :)
and this piece of fabric....I have up in my classroom...and I had an extra scrap sitting around my house. So I decided to put a little visual behind my boring chocolate brown curtains.

I'm not sure if I love my TV cover.....YET :) I've got some trimming to do and some filling in the gaps...but I really don't like staring at a blank TV.  I really don't like having a TV in any bedroom...so this is my compromise. I used a yard stick and glued ribbons onto it. I have a friend who did this in a doorway, which gave me the idea. 

And a little weekend getaway to Savannah.....
Which might just be one of my favorite cities.
I am so happy t hat the Army decided to put a post there. Good choice Army :)
I hope we end up there someday.
We met up with our great frieinds Will and Krista. They are so similar to us!  I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time. I'm talking the deep belly laugh kind of laugh. 
Might post more on them later.
handsome hubby...
I love how Savannah has these adorable trolleys. And I also love that Army guy let me take him to Target (I know, shopping mecca..) to get some new shirts. I can't get him into the mall, but I can get him to Target. So now he is lookin good in a couple new shirts. Since he always wears a uniform we are in a constant battle about 'need for clothing'. :)
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Meghan Mesalam BoroughMarch 9, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    Hey, B! How did you hang the little fabric behind your brown curtains? I've been looking to do that but wasn't sure how to hook it up there (since the fabric piece wouldnt go on the rod). I love reading about you and your crafts! :)

  2. Hey Meg!! I use upholstery tacks. They are made for chairs, but they push perfectly into the wall and hold the fabric up well. You just pust it straight into the wall...and it is hidden by the curtains!! If you don't know what i mean I will take a picture of them for you!!