Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just a little update

Good news: I feel like I'm being very PRESENT with my boys.
Bad news: I never get to blog...ever!

Some interesting things in the whitis house:
we have at least one mouse in our kitchen.  Awesome.  with babies crawling, eating off the floor (let's be happens) and walking all around, I have become a vaccuming and mopping machine. I am terrified that they will get some weird mouse disease...(what? I don't know what I'm saying..)  I don't know why I am sharing this in such a public forum, other than the fact that I'm sure someone who lives in a 90 year old house has had to deal with similar issues.  I have had bad dreams about these animals who eat the cheese out of our mouse traps and then escape.  We have caught one. I saw one today. They come out when all is quiet...and I am working on the computer.  

Every time I clean up the blocks, Eli dumps them out.  I appreciate his need for chaos. He will feel at home in our house.

I am leaving for an ENTIRE WEEKEND this weekend to go hang out and craft with some of my best friends, and some of my "virtual 'i wish we were best friends'", meg and kimberlee.  I am going to CRAFT WEEKEND!  When I tell normal, non bloggers about this, they think I"ve lost my mind. But to get away from kiddos (who I will probably facetime 10 times a day) and have adult conversation and adult time for two and a half days...oh my goodness...I'm so excited.  It's sort of my birthday present, since my birthday is next week.  It's also coming up on Briar's 2 year "birthday" (the same day).  So, this is a good time for me to get away, be refreshed.  The ladies running it are strong it will be encouraging..and so much fun.  

In other news, since I haven't been blogging, I haven't shared many of our summer photos at all....this was one of Eli's first trips into the pool. He wasn't sure yet, but later decided he loves the pool. 

 Eli, about two weeks after he got home, decided that he loves to ride in ATV type vehicles. Finn has known this since before birth :)  This might have been our first family trip post airport!

That's all for now, we are running to the doctor for an ear infection check.
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  1. Your boys are gorgeous, Brooke!
    Get their precious ears healed up and get on over here.
    Can't wait to meet you!

  2. Yay!Yay!Yay!!! Can't wait to see you!!!!! Hope you get the mousey and love your pool pics!Water babies are adorable!

  3. Let's see, how JEALOUS am I of you going to CRAFT WEEKEND? ummmmmm MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I canNOT believe it!
    But, I am truly happy for you. :)
    As far as the mouse goes, get a cat. You'd probably never notice one more animal running around anyway. :)

  4. Brook, your babies are completely adorable! I'm so glad to see settled in, everyday type pictures! Also being totally present with your boys, WAY better that blogging.

  5. Brooke, I love looking at your pictures of the boys! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it. Try peanut butter on the mouse traps, it works better than cheese.