Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pushing the Limits

Oh boys.
They are SO DIFFERENT than girls.
I grew up as an only child. Playing with barbies, doll houses, maybe some hot glue as I got older. And gasp, maybe an occasional car or block.  But it was pretty tame.
I did not grow up like my husband, playing in the woods every day (from a small age), shooting everything I could find with my pretend gun, then my BB dirtbikes from a young age, mountain biking everywhere I went, (ie. everything includes an element of danger...EVERYTHING)
My life is about to begin getting crazy.
Eli chases Bella with the lawn mower and cracks up.
Finn gets on the side table and pulls down my BRAND NEW Sonic Diet Strawberry Limeade, and when I come back from the bathroom, it is all over him and he is splashing in it.
These boys love to play in Bella's food...and eat it.
Girls do things like this, I know.
But girls don't love being tackled on the bed by their dad (hard).  I get so mad at Brandon, but how can I...the boys are screaming with LAUGHTER of DELIGHT.  I can't deny them that.
But I want to.  It's too "rough".
enter a mother into a house of boys.
Here it goes.  The neverending tongue biting adventure.
"don't nag, don't nag, don't nag" <---repeating in my mind.

This particular day, Eli had been sitting in his toy bin.  All day.
Brandon capitalized on this opportunity and decided to make it a sliding car.
My first reaction was, "NO! ON THE TILE!?  THey are going to bust their FACES!".
Then I chilled out and joined in the fun.

Let me start by qualifying something. These photos are not the best. I took them while holding my camera out to the side while playing with the boys. I thought it was way more important to do that. I would always rather have a great time with my boys and capture it a  little blurry than have perfect pictures but not be in on the fun!  I'm not sure why I didn't adjust the color when editing, but either way, accept these mediocre pictures :)

I love seeing Bella in the corner of one, and I love how fat Finn's face looks when it is blowing in the wind!
Hope these make you laugh.
Does your spouse ever do things that make you want to scream, but turn out to be a fun choice?

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  1. haha!! this is adorable. In our family, I'm usually the one who is doing risky stuff and Dan is on the sidelines cringing. Until he realizes how fun it is, and then he joins in the fun.

  2. Your boys are so cute! I had a sweet non-mischievous girl first...and then her wild man brother came along. He really needs to wear a helmet and pads at all times! Sometimes I think my hubby is too rough, but my boys LOVES it!

    We are waiting on another boy through WS. Love reading about your fam!

  3. This is the cutest thing I've maybe ever seen. You guys are awesome, Brooke :)

  4. I love how it looks like Finn's face is literally being blown off by the .000024 mph he's traveling. Way to play it up, Finn! I need to meet these guys. Seriously.

  5. I love the pictures! Boys are definitely a different breed. Sunday, my boys were asking Jeff to squeeze them as hard as he could. It was so hard to watch their faces turning red and veins popping out of their necks (Jeff's too!). I was convinced that their ribs would be the next things to pop. But no, he'd stop and they'd howl for him to do it again. I may never understand it...