Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Random Tuesday Talk

My best friend got married this summer. It was about one week after we brought Eli home from Ethiopia. 
This is at the rehearsal dinner. 
We considered not taking him out at all. We were being VERY protective the first couple of weeks, and this was literally one of his first times out of the house.  Look how happy he is, but he is GRIPPING Brandon's shirt :)  He already looks so different with his long hair.  Finn's hair has also gotten a lot longer.

So far, Eli has been to:
Butler, Georgia
Tampa, Florida (to see his cousin!)
Rockford, Illinois
 (his third and fourth plane rides after the two back to Ethiopia)

That is in less than 3 months. Finn has been to Africa...in addition to Kentucky three times, Rockford an additional time and that might be it.  

Having two kids I am realizing this:
1.  You have a good excuse for not having flat abs. EVERY. SINGLE. TiME. i lay down to do a crunch/plank/bicycle.....I get a child sitting on my face/belly/legs/boobs.  If I do a plank, they crawl under and push up. So, although entertaining, makes it tough to work out. 
2.  When you have two kids of different races, people will often stare for long periods at your stroller, stare intently at just one of the children, wave at the child of their race (very disturbing and angering..), or recognize you later because of it.  (Hey, you're the lady that walks at the park with the two kids...one mixed..I don't bother correcting most of them.)
3.  People will ask all the time if you have twins.  Even though they are different colors. (They are the same size and weight...23lbs and 32 inches long: 10 months apart)
4.  Even though they nap at the same time, for 3 hours, you will still get NOTHING done. And you have to feel okay about it.  Even though you once taught a classroom of 28 students with no 3 hour naps and still got a lot done.  I guess these 2 sweet children just need lots of mommy time, and then make lots of messes to clean.
5.  "cooking" means trying not to trip over small people in the kitchen as they grab onto your feet.
6.  "quiet time" with the Lord is much more desired, but much harder to get because I am EVEN MORE tired in the morning.  My newly recovered bible is making me want to wake up early to open it.  (made a slipcover for it inspired by my friend Shara. I'm sure she sewed hers but I didn't feel like pulling the machine down, so mine is hot glued...)
7.  Traveling to the park with two kids is like packing for Christmas vacation with my husband and I.  Diapers, wipes, snacks, water, milk, toys, etc, etc....  Sometimes doesn't feel worth it!  Always is.
8.  I said my kids would not watch ANY TV.  Well, along with the 85 other resolutions and things that I judged others for but "would never do with MYYY KIDS", I am failing :)  Let it be said, you are NOT WRONG if you want to watch 8 hours a day with your kids! The shows they make now are super educational and awesome.  I just really 'intended' not to make the tv something I relied on for entertainment.  I want to force myself to get in the floor and play with them.
Anyway, on to how I am not actually doing any of what I thought.  The "your baby can read" series is really nice to show Eli sight words when I need to clean up after a meal.  Finn also likes it.  They say, Wave to Graham" and Eli waves. So cute. Since I have no talking children yet, it is fun. It is a real kid just talking in sentences and they show pictures. That is nice, it's like Eli's big brother...on a tv. We have also watched Mickey Mouse clubhouse a couple times, and I won't lie...the theme song is a little catchy...
9.  Sometimes when you have two kids and the meal is over, you put their high chair trays on the floor and look away.  And if your dog, let's say, hypothetically named Bella, happens to eat the leftovers...well then...it's less work for you later.  After sanitizing and cleaning, you might find a hair still left on there...so I'm definitely not saying this is a good idea.  Building up their immune systems....
10.  The things you worried about when you only had one kid no longer matter.  Super overprotective about the color socks they wear? no more.  Super crazy about going to the doctor every time the kid  breathes weird? No more.  Now there are two.  Now, it is survival mode :)  Especially two right at the same age.  Twins by choice is what I like to say.  "What were we thinking"...i try not to say....

Good news: Kids get older. challenges change.  This is a season.  It's a fun season.  I don't want to miss a moment of it!
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  1. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!!! Having 2 is fun and crazy!! Lessons learned through experience are so much more effective aren't they!! I love how your boys are growing, not just physically, but with the knowledge that their mama and daddy love them!!! I like to say work with what you've got! That's exactly what you're doing! Working with love and flexibility, and hey, if utilizing the dog during clean up time is extra helpful...like you said, building those immune systems!!!

  2. Beautful family Brooke! I wrestle with the TV issue myself, but I like to interact with her when we are watching. Maybe I'll explain what they are doing, or point out something, or dance and sing with her to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song (it IS extremely catchy!). And it is educational, maybe that makes it better???

  3. I found your blog through Meg...Craft Weekend -- so lucky!!! I think I've been on the "list" since the beginning. I know the Lord is in control of that schedule and always hope that one day my name will come up :)

    I've been reading through your blog this morning. . .you have such a sweet family. I loved your birthday tribute to your firstborn. . .you are a strong, brave woman.

    I remember these days. . .they *were* survival mode. I have four children. . .#4 was born 2.5 months before #1 turned 5 -- yes, we were crazy!!! Once the youngest hit 4 (and the oldest was 9) it became "magic" for us. Almost daily I would say "THIS is the perfect age". . .and I have continued to say that for the last four years. I know HS drama is literally around the corner but for now I will enjoy the fruits of those years of wiping, cleaning, chaos, and whining. . .God is soooooo good to reveal to us, though our children, what kind of people we are. . .in both good and bad ways -- ha! And He also shows us how little control we have too (you know that from being a school teacher I know!).

    Here is my television advice: they had their "times" when it was on...not before 8 a.m. and only until 10 a.m., then right after naps from 3-5. It was NEVER on otherwise. . .unless, of course, we needed a "babysitter" for some couple fun (ahem) or something like that on the weekend. They are now 9, 10, 11, & 13 and still "if you had school today and you have school tomorrow NO T.V." and on the weekends it can't go on before 8 a.m. and all electronics put away at 6 p.m. Sunday (and not before church on Sunday). Right now my 9 & 11 yr-old are playing a game of cards because it's before 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning. It is HARD but oh-so-worth it when you see them find other ways of "entertaining" themselves! And you're right -- it *does* force you to be "in the moment" :)

    Enjoy these years and my best advice? Record these memories. Unfortunately they are a blur and you will forget. . ."people" keep telling me there will be "time" someday to organize these things. . .I don't know about that but when I do come across something from "those days" it does make me pause and ponder and feel so grateful for that time home with my family. The picture of your boys being pushed across the floor "did it" for me -- I can't say I miss those days (they were HARD!) but I'm fortunate that I *was* there and present and can remember stuff like that. Now I'm looking forward, God willing, to having grandchildren to love on in the same ways one day too.

    Sorry this is so long -- you seem like a very special family.