Thursday, May 24, 2012

SHOCKED... well, just bored...

HELLO Friends!  My name is Finn. I am 7 months old...
I am shocked my brother is still not home.
JUST SHOCKED, I tell you. :)

During the day, I like to hang out and look out the window, wondering if he will come walking up to the door.
WAIT A MINUTE...he doesn't walk. So, i suppose he would be CRAWLING up the door...

While other days, I simply lay by the pillow that says my name, looking off into space...dreaming of the fun times my brother and I will have together.
Oh, enough with that....I'm bored waiting for my brother...I'm going to go play. 

Sometimes, when I get bored with life, I start narrating life from the point of view of Finn. I"ll go through a day and respond in my mind as I think Finn would.  His little personality is becoming super evident.  It is so cute to watch it develop and watch him interact with us.  I just LOVE him.  I go to bed at night dreaming about him and Eli.   I'm kidding (sort of)...because lets be honest, to spend your days at home with your child who doesn't yet talk can be a little less than stimulating, so you find ways :)

Most days I find myself wondering "What would I do if Eli was here?".  For example...would I take him with me on the other hip, leave both babies, or just not do 'said' activity.  It will be interesting, as things progress, that is for sure!  We just can't wait to have that little man home. To start the transitions. To make him feel like he is loved and a part of a family.  

This "deployment' is getting tedious.  
I am getting impatient.
I have always felt like the Lord prepared me to wait...during deployments when Brandon was in the Army...on Briar to come during that pregnancy...for Finn until 42 weeks...and now for Eli.  But during every wait you hit a wall.  Here is my wall. I hope I can get up and over the wall...because so far, 2 minutes ago when I checked my email, the embassy hadn't cleared us yet...

This guy has found a certain body part. ALREADY.  I have heard lots of moms of boys say this is normal, but it is quite funny to see how preoccupied he gets during his bath. 

We took finn swimming yesterday and he LOVED it.  Tomorrow we are going to try the lake..
It is so much fun trying new things and seeing your child experience something for the first time.
I would imagine there is nothing quite like it!

What are you doing this weekend?!


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  1. The first two years are such amazing days of exploration, aren't they? It seemed like I received two new eyes to view the world with after Vincent was born. You begin looking around you for what catches their eye, what fascinates them, don't you? The way a tree's leaves almost touch the ground when the branches hang low; the funny looking bugs that crawl in the cracks of the sidewalks; the train tracks we cross every day become such a wonder and a thrill for little boys! You begin to hope that you'll be stopped by a train so the kids can watch it go by and speculate on what it's carrying, and where in the world it might be going. What a privilege to have boys, my friend!