Saturday, May 26, 2012

getting into things...

Lots of Random thoughts today.

 little man (Finn) has a double ear infection.  Poor guy.
He was acting a little 'off', and has been for a couple days.  I took him in today to acute care.
He doesn't get a fever, I just notice that he isn't quite himself.
What happens to Eli when he has an ear infection, I wonder?! Does anyone notice?

We took Finn to the lake yesterday and he LOVES the water. Just like us.
He was kicking and having a great time.  Today we took him to the pool and we would set him on the side of the pool and he would throw himself back in to brandon.  It was sweet :)  
I love how active he is, but it also terrifies me for his toddler years. He has learned to hit our hands if he doesn't want something we are doing.  AH!  Already... :)  I can't imagine all the fun things we have in store.

Right now, I take Finn with me a lot of the time when I do a photoshoot. I can usually keep him contained in the carseat...but he is just getting to the age where he wants to get down.  So i put him on a blanket with toys while I shot.  And he did well.  Until he realized that there was dirt outside of the blanket.  THen it was over.

 Hi momma. Yes, I will behave while you do a quick photoshoot.
 By behave, I mean I will put sticks and dirt in my mouth.  Mom, you have a lot to learn about being a mom to a boy.  
This sweet photo was at the end of the shoot. I had given him a little pouch of baby food to eat while I was finishing.  Usually he does this well, squeezes it into his mouth.  This time, he flipped it out towards his feet and squeezed it.  And when I got back, he was pretty thrilled with himself.  Good times.

I actually love it. I can see his little personality starting to come out..and it is adorable!

I imagine that my days of taking photos with kiddos present are ending :)

Welcome to being a momma....of babies on the move.. :)


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  1. He is just soo adorable! Such a good boy too (for the most part!) sitting there while you're working! =)