Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ready to have a broken heart?

"they grow so fast" You always hear that. It is so hard to accept. When you see children every day, you don't see the growth as clearly.  You don't notice how their hair grew or how they suddenly their little bodes have doubled in size.  When you are clinging onto video and picture clips to see your child...when you watch these over and over for any little signs of notice.  You notice the things that make them smile or laugh.  The things that make them react.  THE CHANGES.  It might just break your heart, how quickly they grow.

This first video was before we met our boy. It was probably taken in January or February 2012. Sweet little Yosi.  He was about a year old here.
The second video is in May 2012, just about a week ago, from friends that are in country picking up their babies. It doesn't seem like he has grown that much, until I see these two videos together. It makes me want to cry. He is SO MUCH BIGGER. He needs us. We need him.  We got an update from the Embassy yesterday, saying that they are done with the first part of his case, and are now finishing the process.  It could still take weeks, but I feel good that we are done with the first part!
In this video, he is about 16 months here.

As far as our house goes, his crib is up.  It has nowhere to go, I am still trying to figure out how to make it work with he and Finn sharing a room.  No problem, but it should be interesting.

5 months...only 2 months behind. I'm working on it.
Look how big he is next to this monkey.  It used to tower over him.

In Ethiopia...before we went to court...Finn is wearing shorts...that fit a little more like pants.

The first photo of a brother fight.  If they could talk, I think it would have gone like this, "Finnnnn, get off of me!!!! I don't want you to touuchh meeeeee".

I have been feeling a bit crazy, trying to get Eli's things together.  He now has a donated car seat, mattress and a brand new crib.  We are looking for a monitor (video) so we can see him.  I cannot believe that I am bringing home an ALMOST two year old.  Sometimes it feels like we are having a new baby...but he is close to two....we will be starting at the beginning....with an older child!  Pretty wild.

In other news, we are loving Brandon's new job. Working for a church, especially our church, is a real joy.  It is special to work among great people.  Brandon is loving seminary.  He is on a break at the moment, because of the way classes work, but he is learning a lot.  He is teaching me a lot as well.

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