Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finn is getting older, Dad's hair getting longer

"they grow so fast". You hear it all the time.
But really, they grow so fast!!!!
I can't believe I had an almost 10lb baby about seven months ago (tomorrow).  Still working on six month milestone stuff. But to even look at this is wild!

This sweet child is not slowing down, no matter how much I ask him to!

I should have written on there that this month, your dad got out of the Army, but that will really match up better with six  month.  But it is pretty crazy! 
We got this today.  All our embassy paperwork to be submitted.  Attached was an (estimated) six month old photo from when our little Yosi was relinquished to the government. It says (one years) next to it, because he is over one year now.  But...look at those eyes.
It breaks my heart that we didn't know him then.
But we were praying for him then.
We knew he was probably already born.
But, goodness, he was handsome.
And he still is.
this is a photo of my man at six months.
my other little man is six months.
it is almost more than I can take. 
The parallels.
Thinking about how Eli is alone, but surrounded by the Lord.
How Finn is surrounded by us....and hopefully also by the Lord's presence :)
Shooo...hoping that our case is filed.
Then passed.
I have a friend that recently passed in ONE WEEK.
She was also an abandoment case (as opposed to the mother and father relinquishing rights) which normally takes longer.
God is bigger than rules and regulations and governments.
Will you pray with me that it takes TWO WEEKS? 
(Yep, that is me, boldly NOT trusting that God will do it in one week, so I gave him one extra week for buffer) <---GAH. When will I learn? Just pray for one, if you wish :)
We need him home.
We need to teach him to walk.
Someone told me he was standing by himself (at the transition home when they visited).

Please prepare yourself, Eli, for the hairy, handsome mess that your dad is right now.
Rebellion from the Army.
True statement.
"I do what I want" is what I call this haircut :)



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  1. praying that Eli gets to come home SOON!!! B' kinda scares me!! J/k. He's def. out of the Army!

  2. PRAYING!! I have been wondering lately if Eli will freak out if Brandon is too hairy when he sees him again - LOL! But probably not since he already had a beard when y'all went over.

  3. What beautiful pictures of your family! I love the journaling on top of the pics! Cute background too, btw!