Thursday, April 26, 2012

This video will bore most of you. It is just him simply sitting and smiling and learning how to play with toys (well, a clorox bleach pen, but who is judging?!? :) But some of you out there who really want to know him might just like to be bored and watch him figure things out for 2 mintues :) I sure don't mind. But again, I'm his momma. Then there is this video which I would like you to appreciate. This was taken at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant. If you see me move the camera to the dark, I am trying to show you that Finn is there, completely TRANSFIXED by this loud, amazing dancing. Brandon does a wonderful impression of this dancing...and at one point they came to our table and I attempted (a quite lame) attempt to keep up.  I wasn't very good.  You might enjoy the moves.  Maybe you can try these...and make a video to make me laugh during this time of waiting? Sarah Clore...please?!?!

For your enjoyment, a couple more photos of Eli.  Finn's 5 and 6 month updates coming soon.  I know it looks like I stopped loving him (you've been judging me, haven't you? :) , but actually I've just been busy playing with him and have had no time to POST about him!!

Thank you Julie for the sweet easter pics!

More to come later.


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  1. I haven't watched the videos yet, but I wanted to let you know I have loved all the photos, videos, and updates!! you have two sweet, beautiful boys!!! We are SO happy for you and continue to pray for y'all as you bring Eli home!!! (can't wait!!!) He is so precious and has such expressive eyes:) just want to squish them both with hugs! lol

  2. Ha. I haven't doubted for a minute that you still love Finn. :) It's funny, cause me having two kiddos so close in age, I try so hard to do everything fairly. Sometimes I realize I'm blogging more about one than the other, and I freak out and try to make up for it. Hee hee. :) Wasn't the traditional Ethiopian restaurant amazing? I was so mesmorized by the way they can move! :)

  3. That is not a boring video at all... and at the end all of your other videos pop up so I couldn't resist watching those too! Your boys are precious! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your new header!! I had been wondering when you would update it. :)))