Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crib snuggles...

brandon blog crib
Where do you suppose this photo was taken? 
On a couch?  In a pack and play? on the floor?
No. No. NO.
I heard Finn laughing.
I heard Brandon laughing.
walked back to the nursery.
And I found this.
This figures. So sweet.  

We have been busy. It feels like we are constantly sick (finn and i). I feel like Satan is sort of attacking us in a place where we are vulnerable...our health.  But today I feel good, so I'll take it!

We've been looking at houses with my mom and dad.  We are trying to get them to move to Georgia. :)  They have always wanted to live on the water...and it sure is a buyers market.
My mom is still working, but my dad is retired. I would love to have them nearby. 
Plus, a view like this wouldn't be sad for anyone.
:)  We will see what happens.
We also like visiting Kentucky. No pressure to them :)

One of my friends got Eli out of his room recently and took this photo of him.  We had that toy when we were there, so I hope it made him think of us :)  Look at this hair getting a little big. I don't know what to do with that craziness!!  Poor guy might end up with a shaved head if I can't figure it out.  But the curls are so cute, I don't want to do that.

He is so sweet. Looks to be balancing on his own, which is a big step.  I don't want him to walk without me, but I want him to make progress, so I'm not opposed to anything.


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  2. Your boys are just so cute!!!