Sunday, March 4, 2012

what is going on in my life?
look at this child.
growing so fast.
Did I get robbed of my little tiny child? This five month old is large. skinny. but large.

I really want to talk to you about something other than him.
okay, let's talk about my other child ;)
we are going to meet him march 25th!!! IN ETHIOPIA!
I cannot wait to meet that little cutie.
He is old enough right now (13-14 months..) where he KNOWS his name.  So we really want to keep it a part of his name.  I think we are going to keep his current name as part of his new name. Talk about identity.  I really want him to keep part of his "old" identity from the orphanage, because he is a little older.

GOSH, he is cute. I am a little partial. 
I love this guy.

This weekend, we hung out with our sweet, wonderful friends.  They adopted a little guy from Ethiopia not too long ago. They are the only people we know that have a child from Ethiopia, so we have lots of questions for them, clearly.  Since we are leaving soon...we have so much to find out.  It was great to watch her discipline her adopted child.  Her toddler. My friend lesli is a great momma. I loved watching it.
big fan of this blurry picture :)

Today, (in kentucky) we got to experience snow.   Greer (who came home about a year ago) was loving it.  Ryan (who is so much like my husband...very inapproriate, awesome, loves the Lord..etc..) is such a great dad to Greer and is a great college friend to us.  They drove down from Louisville to spend the weekend with us. Look at my little man. Very uninterested in the fun :)  Either that, or checking out this first snow of his life...
l to r: kevin, my daddio, my momma, me, brandon, jenny (mil), calvin (fil)  Love them all so much.

I will talk more about this later...but my large group of family (including Kevin, on the left who is a family member by friendship)  ran/walked a 5k this weekend in Kentucky.  Noone wanted to do it, but I reminded them that we were making memories.  Our pastor constantly says that...whenever he invites us to do fun (inconvenient,expensive or not sounding fun things) he tells us that we are MAKING MEMORIES.  So, my parents did their first one. My in laws did their second one ever. Brandon and I did it.  It was great.  More on this later. :)

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  1. I. AM. DYING.

    #1 because you get to meet your son so soon!!!
    and #2 because my dorky husband looks HYSTERICAL in that wig....they are so silly. Wish I could have been there. Love you friend.

  2. Brooke - so excited for your trip!! I can't believe you guys are getting to go so soon! You're in our prayers for safe travels, quick processing, and a smooth adjustment back home. :)

  3. So excited that you have a date to meet your little boy! Finn is so big! Loved how you use that sock monkey for some perspective! And WHAT is Brandon wearing!?!

  4. Oh my goodness! March 25th! That is just around the corner. So happy for you and your family. :) And adorable pictures. :)

  5. This is very exciting! Some of my best friends have waited about 6 years for a child and are now in Ethiopia meeting their daughter as we speak! So so excited for you!

  6. LOVE the new header! LOVE the pictures!! LOVE that you get to meet Eli this month!! LOVE you!! :)