Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Comfortable and Easy?! THANKSSSSS AGAIN!

So hard when i don't post for several days. So much to say.

Little Finn has his SECOND ear infection. He is 4.5 months. Hate that for him. But his momma and papa had bad ears. So the genes aren't in his favor.

I am currently doing a Beth Moore Study on James.
It is INTENSE.  I love it!
It takes a lot of time to complete, but I am learning so much.
I don't really know much about the bible.  I didn't read it much growing up, and then when I did read it, it was boring...hard to see the stories come alive.  When you study it with a teacher like Beth Moore, it really comes alive, much more so than when I read it alone, because she explains all the things that confuse me.

Maybe I'm not super smart, but I really prefer reading it alongside something to study it with, to better understand the scripture I'm reading.
So anyway, that has been really great.

Beth moore sometimes reminds me of my friend Terri.  Not the way she looks, but the way she gets super excited about things...and then wants everyone else to be excited, it's just contagious? Terri wanted to give something away (a stroller) and was actually praying about who to give it to.  When the opportunity arose at church, and it was someone who actually needed it, she was so excited that I couldn't help but be excited with her.  I guess that is the type of person you want leading your bible study :)  It must be a Texas thing.

I am doing another growth group with our church, and we are just talking about authenticity.  It is a great, great time to spend time with other women just talking through things God is taking us through.  I LOVE it. The ladies there challenge me.  Today we touched on several things. One thing that resounded for me, "What am I doing for the gospel that requires sacrifice?"  which then was reiterated tonight when we were talking about the whole book of James, and how he really believes that without the works, your faith is not active.  Without actually experiencing your faith, it is not living and active and real.  Our pastor's wife always says that God doesn't always call us to easy, but to be healthy and whole.  
But sometimes I don't want to sacrifice. I want easy. I want comfortable.

Today, we got out of the army.
Brandon's life long dream...and we did it. We experienced it. The Lord called us out.
We are excited about ministry, but hear this.
Not easy.
Not comfortable.
Not going to leave us with tons of extra money.

But we have more than roughly 99% of the world.  In 2007, the mean income in the world was $7000.  REALLY?? Even with lower cost of living, that is NOTHING. When people talk about how little they have, I want to take them with me when we go to meet our son.  He was FOUND in a village in Ethiopia.  There are MILLIONS of others like him.  THEY don't have ANYTHING.  We have PLENTY.  Sure, I can't buy the extra snacks I want this week, or go out to eat, but I can feed my family.  We will not starve. We have more clothes than we could ever wear.  We are very very fortunate. And I will be thankful for those blessings when I want to feel sorry for myself!  

That's all for now.  Tons more to share, but going to bed!

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  1. What a great post! I want to do that study. Think I will, soon! Beth Moore is great!!

    Praying for y'all with your transition.

  2. Beth Moore Studies are sooo good & deep & intellectual. Love them. Poor Finn. Isaiah has yet to get one of those, but I'm sure he will eventually. Are you all going into ministry as your next step??? I definitely can relate to the "not comfortable, not easy, no money" of ministry :) Excited for your new season. Oh, I love your new pics!!

  3. What an exciting and terrifying place to be! Where God wants us, right, where all we have to rely on is Him and His promises? I was there when I left work to be a SAHM. Congratulations on such a big step!

  4. i am your shallow friend who is commenting only to say "why is your so photo so freaking CUTE!?!?!?" :)

    {but you know i loved the rest too ....}

    i adore you and miss you....

  5. Beth Moore is excellent, she gets you off the milk and onto the meat...How exciting to see where God is leading yall into ministry! Finn is handsome as ever!