Monday, January 23, 2012

It's about time...

Since Finn is almost four months, I thought maybe you would want to see three months.
He is so darn handsome.
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ps. I just saw the typo-bat at oys. Forgive me. I'm not sleep deprived, but I am a momma...

I am a little nervous about taking him to Ethiopia, but there is NO WAY I am leaving him. I am still nursing, and he will only be four or five months when we go. There is no way I am leaving him. But, as I begin to think about logistics....I am realizing it might be more challenging than I think. But, I will be praying for lots of grace and an extraordinary amount of easy travel.  if you have ever taken a long flight with a little baby...give me all your tips, please!!!!!!

More soon, but this is all I can manage at almost midnight.  5:30am spin class will be here soon. I should've been in bed hours ago!!

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  1. Having made that awful long-haul flight four times with a baby/toddler, I have to say that the best piece of advice is motion sickness medicine which knocks him out. I know that isn't popular with some people, and we poo-poo'ed the thought of it on the first two trips because we thought that only horrible parents drugged their kids to fly, but once you take an 11 hour flight and your baby SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER for 9 straight hours... you never fly again without it. We talked to a family doctor and he gave us a prescription (I think it was fenofedrine, or something like that) and dosing instructions just for his size. We found that the flight over there wasn't so bad because it's at night anyway, but on the flight back, it's daytime the whole way, and that's harder.

    I would also STRONGLY recommend a backpack baby carrier for the airports. It was a total lifesaver. I wore him everywhere and it was so easy. Coming home with two little ones, you might want to have two carriers and each of you wear one.

    Josh also mentioned that when you get there and when you get back, it really, really helps to use melatonin on the entire family for a few days to get everyone on the right sleep schedule asap. For Jude, we get the capsules, open them up, and pour them into a large medicine syringe with some warm water. Again, we generally use very, very few medications in our home, but this is a special circumstance in which I don't hesitate to use these two things.

    I hope that helps!

  2. You and I have emailed before, and as you may remember, I left my 3 month old behind to travel to Ethiopia to bring my son home. It was by far the most difficult thing I've ever done, and well, it totally ruined my milk supply meaning I quit breastfeeding at 3 months, which was really sad for me. :(

    God for you for bringing your baby boy with, and I hope it is an easy trip for you guys. :)

  3. I know cost is a factor, but I would consider buying Finn his own seat. It would give you guys more elbow room and allow you to lay him down occasionally. sells some little vests that have a tether that is specifically designed to attach to an airline seatbelt to account for turbulence. Having also been the mommy of a baby who screamed bloody murder in a flight, you will appreciate not being squished up against a complete stranger while trying to soothe him or nurse.

  4. So excited for you! We just left our baby for 4 days to go to a wedding in Jamaica and it was so hard, I can't blame you for taking Finn with you. I'm sure it will be hard at times but God will help you and sweet Finn! Good luck and congrats!

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  6. I love that little bow tie! These little photo/memory boards you do are just priceless.

  7. You dont know me but I love reading your blog!
    Dont worry too much about the flight! When I went with my little boy he slept the entire time! You are just suppossed to nurse him when you take off and when you land to prevent his ears from popping... that is what my midwife told me! So excited for you guys!!

  8. What a handsome doll! My oldest was a wonderful sleeper and hated tummy time, too! I took my youngest to Mexico, Grand Cayman, etc. on a cruise when he was 6 months old. I was more scared about him catching something crazy, but our pediatrician assured me he was up to date on all shots and very healthy. We did not fly, though - praying he will just sleep for you!
    I am wondering about your trip home - with TWO~!!!!! :))

  9. Oh I just remembered- definitely INSIST on a bulkhead seat. There is SO MUCH more room and they give you a bassinet that hooks into the wall for him to sleep in. Call and talk to anybody who will listen at the airline. An extra seat would be nice, but is a lot more money. We got lucky on one long flight and got a bulkhead seat AND an empty seat beside me (there was a guy there who moved to another empty seat almost immediately... I didn't blame him). It was amazing.