Thursday, January 19, 2012

{embrace the camera}

we got a video of our sweet Eli.
Friends (new friends) of ours were in Ethiopia, at the transition home where our boy is. We gave them permission, and they took photos and a short video of our boy. I can't tell you the joy and immense sadness that I felt to see this video! It was just AMAZING.

You wonder about the sadness? Well, he was standing in his crib. I wanted to push him down. Like on that movie...(where Josh Duhamel and Catherine Heigl raise the baby and they push the girl down when she is about to walk, so one of them doesn't miss it...)....I don't want him to make any moves without me. I want to call out to him, "Hey buddy, momma is on the way. Please just freeze until I get there".
But clearly, that is ridiculous.
I want him to grow.
And learn.
And walk.
Well, maybe I don't "want" it. But since I love him, I want to see him growing and healthy.
How do I love him so much already?
This journey of adoption must be the way the Lord grows the immense love...just like a pregnancy..without the cravings and weight gain (hopefully).
Wish I could show you the video!  HE IS PRECIOUS.  His smile melts my heart.  He is sleeping on "cars" sheets. Goodness, I want to squeeze his cheeks and look into his HUGE eyes. Don't even talk to me about the way my heart is being moved to adopt two...because the Lord would have to force me into it. Because that is clearly PSYCHO.

So, instead of showing you pictures of my boy...

 I'm going to link up with The Anderson Crew.  She also adopted from Ethiopia. A sweet girl named Elsa.
And she is an advocate of making sure you get photos with your children. Most of mine are self portraits with my phone. Whatev.  You take what you can get.

Today is no different. I cannot hold my DSLR and do a self portrait.  Usually I am kind of a stickler about naps in the crib. But he really wanted to be held. And these days won't last forever. So I strapped him on with the "sleepy wrap"...and pretty soon he was snoozin.  So sweet. That baby smell is just MAGIC.
And then all bundled up before a run. Not that it is that cold in Georgia. But 30...that is pretty darn cold if you ask me.  It's all relative, I suppose.

So this is all I have for now.
Happy Thursday to you!

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  1. Good luck with your adoption! Sweet picture. Can't wait to see Eli one day!

  2. Oh my Goodness, I remember getting the call, that our Sam had been born, and then 6 weeks later finally getting pictures of him and how I would just stare at his pics, and dream of holding him, and didn't want to miss another minute of him....It is all so wonderful. When you and Eli finally see each other, you will be astounded at how He will already know in his spirit, that you are his!! God is so good. and....If you are to adopt more, God is the designer and will bring it into reality, it is not psycho at all. All that is needed is your willingness to heed His call. You look like you are already bending to His will :)