Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Passports, tshirts...missing our boy..

Hey friends.
So I showed you the picture of Eli's legs. :)  I found out (this is CRAZY...or CRAY CRAY...which makes me laugh EVERY TIME I hear or see someone say it...) that the outfit he is wearing is the SAME OUTFIT that my friend Lesli's baby was wearing when they went to meet him for the first time (he was 12 months ish when they met him).  I was asking Lesli about the outfit and she said it was 6-9 months. That made me feel way better. Finn wears 9 months of 12 months clothes now! it weird that I want him to stop growing until I get there? I want him to grow, I suppose I just want time in general to STOP!  It is so tough to miss out on this time with him!

So, I had to take a passport photo for Finn. You wouldn't believe all the requirements. No hands holding your baby up, white background, baby can't be smiling, laughing, yawning, drooling, etc.  Must be straight faced with mouth closed.  Took me about 48 tries to get one that worked.  His face is a tad pink and the background isn't perfectly white. But I just didn't have time to fix it all up. So...Finn is getting his passport app. turned in today. Pretty exciting.  It takes 4-6 weeks for a passport and we are traveling in 8-10 or less...hopefully our timeline works out!

Shirts Available: They run a little small (because they shrink).
Brandon wears a L, but after a couple washes, it is pretty tight on his arms.
I wear a M or L, although pre pregnancy(chest) I wore a small or medium.  TMI, sorry. Just trying to help you size yourself.
Here is what we have left:
Small: 1 green, 13 gray
Medium 4 blue, 13 gray
Large 8 green, 2 blue, 11 gray
2Xl 3 gray
If you want to go ahead and purchase a shirt, you can send a check (email me for my address at brooke(dot)whitis@gmail(dot)com.) or pay through the chip in link at the bottom of the blog. If you have a paypal account, you just click on it and it will take you straight there!  Just write in the sizes and colors of shirts you want.  I just sold five of the larges, but I don't know what colors, so get yours now! And help us raise a quick $1100 to pay for the rest of our referral costs.

If you are new to adoption, a referral from Ethiopia (the photo of the child and the info about him...costs $8000.  Total adoption costs are close to $30,000.  We have paid quite a bit already, and we feel confident that the Lord will continue to provide.  Thanks for being a part of our journey.

And if you already have shirt, or don't really want one :) thanks for supporting us anyway, just by checking in and hopefully praying for us!

Sweet Eli,
I hope you are happy, healthy and safe today. I wish I was there with you. I wish time would stop until I could be by your side. I love you, sweet boy.
Love, your momma.

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