Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Have you prayed about it...

This is all.
I have been very convicted lately, since I had Finn...
Am I really seeking the Lord in the way I parent? Or am I simply trying to do it on my own?

In a growth group I went to right before I had Finn, we talked about the abiding mom and the super mom. The abiding mom is following Christ while the super mom is following the world's idea of being a great mom. Considering that I already find myself feeling like I am a bad mom when my child is fussy, I know where I fall at the moment. My goal is to trust the Lord each day and each moment, KNOWING that I do not have what I need to raise this child apart from God...after all..what I want for him is a heart that loves the Lord and loves people...

SO...here it is.  It is actually from a cool blog called "Confessions of a Homeschooler", but I wanted to show it to you here.  It is so easy to find ourselves finding our self worth in the accomplishments or behavior of our children (Yes, even our four week olds...), and not in the Lord.  My prayers is that when I correct Finn in the future, I will be teaching him to be Godly, not just "GOOD".  That is a hard thing to remember.

Even as I go through my days now, my hope is to always be reminded of the joy I have in my life....and the blessings.  To find my joy and my self worth in Christ, and not in the success or behavior of my kids...or the perfection of my house...or the job I have {or don't have..}...
Every day in November, my friend Rebecca and I are going to share things we are thankful for.  We are both {attempting} to read the book "one thousand gifts"...so it is a good motivator to have thankful hearts.

Today mine was I was thankful to have a sweet boy sleeping on my chest.  A healthy, sweet boy.
As I took pictures of my sweet friend Kelsey's little guy, 3 weeks younger and less than half the size, I was reminded of little tiny Briar...and overcome with thankfulness that we got to know him, and then reminded of how blessed we are to have this healthy boy here to raise.  It reminds me what we are missing with Briar, but makes me that much more thankful for this little guy.

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  1. ohhhhh .... needed this today!!!! thanks sweet friend!!! loves. lots of them.

  2. Hey Brooke! We JUST talked about this (the Abiding Woman & Super Woman) at my women's Bible study last night!!! Someone had sent Danielle a copy last week & everyone was challenged and helped by it. Thanks for sharing it! I LOVE Confessions of a Homeschooler blog too! She's amazing.
    PS- Finn is SO precious! He's getting big too quickly, I can't wait to meet him! (Keeping my fingers crossed that we'll see you @ the reunion!) =)

  3. I needed to see that list today! Even at 42, with 5 kids,I need to remind myself to not get caught up in making them, who I think they should be, but to let them be who God is making them to be...which is what you start out doing, but then the world subtly, will creep in and try to get my eyes off Jesus.....thanks for posting that!

  4. What an awesome chart!! I really need this!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  5. Brooke- this adorable little face is just too much- He looks like a perfect 50/50 blend of you and Brandon! So happy for you both and your adventure all together! Always impressed by you :)

  6. I LOVE that list!!! Definitely needed to be reminded to measure my mothering by the Word of God and to live in His Grace--it's so easy to fall into the critical trap of the world. My friend was just telling me about that very blog you mentioned this week! I gotta go check it out.