Thursday, November 3, 2011

One month...

Well, it has happened.
I have become one of those people that only writes about their kids.
What was my life before this?!
Just kidding.
I still have lots going on.
I mean, I only wear nursing bras.
Every outfit I wear revolves around whether I can yank it up or pull it down...involving lots of elastic around the boobs...
My outings last about 1-2 I can get home to feed..
I often skip going to places now that I would have gone to before, because I don't want to haul the car seat out..
I sometimes find poop on my arm or hand, and I wonder how long it has been there...(yes, true..)
I measure my life success in the weight of my child.
Just kidding.
Not really.
Well, yes, I am kidding.

But, let me tell you, parenting has by far been the most fun thing I have ever done.

And my life will and DOES go on.  We just have a new member to our family. And I am figuring out what life looks like with him here.  What does photography look like? What does our marriage look like? What does family in general look like with this new member? A little different, but super fun...

Today, we had our homestudy to amend things to show that we now have an additional child in the home.
This means that Eli will have a brother...
And when I think about that...going to meet Eli and going to get just sends me into a huge smile.

I find myself praying for him as I pump milk for him every morning.  Anticipating the time that he will be home to have it.  Maybe it won't be soon...but it will happen.
I can't wait for that time.

For now, I am going to enjoy Finn and the changes he is making every day.

And pray for his brother around the world.

And when I push my double jogger and someone asks where the other child is...maybe I will just say, "in Africa"...  {no, I am not jogging with a four week old, just saying...when I do..}

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Fin is just precious! I love the name! And lots of laugh over the elastic nursing clothes and the poo in unexpected happens :) I'm just so happy for you! And you're adopting also!! Wow! So WONDERFUL! God is filling your home :) I'm glad you left me your super sweet comment and I got to come over here and "catch up" with you. We can at least be cyber neighbors! lol and lots of love

  2. Isn't amazing how your life changes?! Totally feel you on the wardrobe choices, timing of errands and finding mustard poop in the weirdest places. :) I love how life slows down with a newborn. :)