Saturday, September 10, 2011


Well Hello friends!!
Honest moment here.
I thought I was going to go into a black hole this past week! I was not feeling well there for about three days. Not good at all. And I wondered if those were the last two weeks of pregnancy. Nauseous. Cold chills. Grossness. Tired. Couldn't get out of bed. Early Labor? Hormones? A small virus? I can't explain it. But it is pretty much gone. And for that, I don't care WHAT it was...I'm just happy it went away :)
And then I came out of the fog. And I can walk and breathe and eat again.
And I just want to skip around!

I saw a commercial for cymbalta during that day on the couch...
and it said, "are you tired? no appetite? don't want to get up off the couch? {insert more symptoms here..}...maybe you have depression"  and I seriously called my midwife and told her maybe that was my problem.  She just laughed in my face and told me that we would worry about that if it really becomes a problem, but right now I am 38+ weeks pregnant and just sick or possibly in the beginning of labor.. which is just a normal process.  Oh goodness.  The things that go through this pregnant brain...

Not that depression is bad. In fact, I am going to be on the lookout.  Having a baby within days of the one year anniversary of losing my first son sets me up for an emotional party (not necessarily a happy party) that might be a lot of crazy mixed emotions.  So...I'm not ignorant to that possibility after birth...

LIttle Man Shower-1061
This picture made me smile this morning. It came from my shower. With my sweet friend Jess, who is moving (DANG IT!) at the end of the year.  My poor moustache can't decide what side of my face it belongs on...

Just Because 21 - Love Is Spoken Here - 8x10 - Peacock Blue - Sprik Space
This was a free download from Sprik Space.

YOU need to go check out Sprik Space. She has some super cool freebies...all the time. Definitely worth looking in her archives too. I found some super cute things to print.
Kinkos and their crappy copiers were not my friends, so I had to send them off to be printed WELL. How is that for $1-$3 wall art? Well done, I think :)

Plus, this print belongs in my house. Sometimes I forget to speak love. I speak truth in the truest form, if you know what I mean.  Sometimes our job is to simply SPEAK LOVE...whether we feel it or not.  God calls us to LOVE. Being married allows us TO LOVE.  If we constantly just speak frustration...what kind of home are you creating?'s a good reminder for me, at least...

I am praying for continued energy and good health as I prepare to deliver this sweet boy. Brandon and I are so excited to meet him. We are scared of his crazy crying {how do I stop this crying?!} ...but knowing that God will allow us to handle every little bit of it :) We are so excited to welcome a new addition. And getting more and more excited to receive our referral...although I will be honest and say we are getting a little anxious...looks like it will be NOVEMBER...because of when our packet arrived in Ethiopia...they count the six months from that point, rather than when you turn it in (tricky...) But, the good news is...the boys will probably be CLOSER in age now. Because if you figure we get a six month old referral in SEPTEMBER...they would be six months apart, but if we get one in November...they will be FOUR months I feel like God knows every part of this journey. I trust that.

Today, I think I am going to attempt to go POST tailgate an Auburn football game. {meaning go after the game is over and hang out for a while outside the stadium...}  it is getting much cooler here...and I figure if I only go for a couple hours...I should be okay... :) Plus, my mom had me after sitting out at a hot football game all here goes my best try.. ;)

Love to you this SATURDAY!!! :)

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  1. Loving the "love is spoken here" sign... need one. You look so darn cute for being so close to having a baby!! And guess is that you are going to smile at it a lot more than someone who hasn't been through what you've been through! I'm not sure how you're going to take care of two of them though! :o) the more the merrier! praying for you ♥

  2. Love you silly picture and your words of Love. Don't worry about tomorrow, the Lord has it in His hands. Love to you and B. and that sweet baby boy!