Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Man Shower

The amazing KATE WHITMORE took these photos of Finn's shower. I LOVE them.
I love my friends.
Some of you did not get invites. It is because I am spacey.  Not because I don't love you. PLEASE hear me when I say that. Pregnancy brain is NO JOKE.  It is a real occurence.
It was a very fun celebration. This was about a month ago.
But I am just getting things together to go on the blog.
Wow, efficient, huh?

I am not sure why my photos have these huge spaces in between them. Don't mind them, just enjoy looking at my "Little Man's" shower. Sweet Finn, I cannot wait to meet you. I need to go buy some red rasberry tea and evening primrose oil. Some natural labor "inducers" since we are getting to that point where I would be excited if he came. I was SIX WEEKS early when my mom had me....so three weeks early (full term...37 weeks...) would be no problem! :)

I have been praying for a very UNEVENTFUL labor. Right now he is head down, but laying the wrong direction so I might end up with some pretty exciting back labor. So I am praying he will turn. But if not, I am just excited that the day is coming where I will meet him. The nursery will be DONE as soon as I get my other set of curtains. Pretty exciting.
My friends threw me the coolest shower I have ever been to...just being honest :)  I hope you have a wonderful TUESDAY!
details part 2 shower
details of shower
photo booth half
photo booth brand new

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  1. That has got to be the CUTEST shower I've ever seen!

  2. Love the shower pics. Look like a blast! Can't wait for Little Man to make his appearance!!!

  3. What a beautiful shower your friends threw for you. Love the pictures. :)

  4. Hope you make it another few weeks and then get to meet Finn. Those pictures are so adorable.