Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feeling Pukey...

Which is always awesome :)
Not throwing up, but feel super nauseous. Reminds me of the beginning of the pregnancy. :)

When I was checked today at the doctor, my midwife said, "It looks like you will probably be at my wedding much as I hate to say that"

You see, she is getting married on my due date. And that makes both of us sad, because I really wanted to be there...but I also wanted her to deliver my baby BEFORE she leaves for a week long honeynmoon.

That isn't going to happen.

But luckily, Julie and Courtney, the other two midwives, are awesome. So I don't feel overly sad about not having Melissa...assuming I go into labor tomorrow. And I am so excited to make it to Melissa's wedding.

And on the other hand, I could hold on until she gets back. I sure hope not, but it is very possible.

Going to try NOT to feel nasty.  :)

I thought you might like to see this cute, free printable...that I found through pintrest.


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  1. Nausea was one of my early labor signs. I hope that it is for you too! I will be waiting for that sweet birth announcement <3

  2. I didn't go into labor naturally, but I agree with Rhiannon...that's what I've always heard, early labor sign. I hope you meet your sweet little one very soon! :)