Sunday, September 25, 2011

Past the due date.. :)

Well, it's past midnight. So I guess I am officially past my due date :) I am sitting here wide awake at 1:40am. Last night, I was having strong contractions and thought I could be in labor. Tonight, I went to my midwife's wedding (which was gorgeous and so special!!), hung out with friends, and began feeling extremely uncomfortable. Why? Well, my throat hurts (might be getting the virus my hubby has..) and I feel like I have restless BODY syndrome. I will be sitting here and need to move my legs, but then suddenly my arms and body just all feels uncomfortable. It is almost as if my body is saying "I just can't be comfortable anymore...". No problem. This is all a part of the journey.

The Lord is really working on my pride lately.

I suppose I just felt entitled to have the baby early. Like I "deserved" it because I lost a baby last year. Goofy, silly thinking. But, I suppose when we are prideful...that is what we are! We don't "deserve" anything in this life. Sometimes I get so annoyed about the entitlement of our society...until I remember that I live here too...and totally struggle with the same things!

I feel like continually, every day, God shows me scripture or shows me a sweet friend who will remind me of something that reveals my intense struggle with PRIDE.

Either way though, I feel like the Lord has given me a peace to remember that this baby WILL come...eventually :) So I am just waiting...

brooke and brandon 39.5c

brooke and brandon 39.5a

brooke and brandon 39.5

If you have facebook, you already saw this...but I tried to shake the baby out with some ATV riding.  It didn't work.  :)

I have also been crafting a bit.  I got this idea from Ashley Ann too...using a spray bottle with bleach to try to show something you have blocked off of a shirt.  I got a little too much bleach, so I will use something a little different next a squirt gun instead of a big spray bottle. was a good try?!

Just waiting for him to get here now...

gray ric rac copy


  1. All in due time!

    I think the shirt looks super cute!

  2. you guys are so dang cute! Finn is on his way...promise! (I almost always get sick right before the baby comes...I think a weak immune system is part of getting ready! go figure, as if it's not already hard enough!)