Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crafts and my birthday

What a week it has been. I truly thought I would have a baby by now.
But honestly, I feel like I am being taken through a really neat journey of waiting.
So, as we continue to wait on our boy in Ethiopia and wait on this guy...
It has been special...I don't feel bad...I am comfortable...and although I am eager to meet sweet Finn..
I am fine to wait.  The Army has prepared me to wait.
And realize that I am not in control! :)
I had a really great time on my birthday...celebrating sweet Briar with a balloon release and hung out with our friends.  I thought that once that was over, I would feel released, and so would come meet us.  Little did I know...he seems to be a late arriver, just like his mom :)

It is two days before my due date now...and I am guessing he is going for a late arrival.  The only bummer about that is my midwife is getting married on Friday (my due date)...soI will have one of the other (wonderful) midwives to help me.  Unless I wait a whole week late...and then she will be back from her honeynmoon!! hahah!

While I have been waiting, I have been making some things. One thing that I made was following Ashley Ann's tutorial.  She made a cat eye onesie for her little girl, but I decided Finn needed something different.  I decided our guy would wear aviators.  I found a photo online of the size glasses I wanted, then traced them onto my fabric.  My fabric was already ironed on to the heat and bond.  It made it much easier to trace and cut out.


I decided that the color was boring.  So I dyed the onesies blue...and then tried again with shiner fabric.  Because aviators are supposed to be shiny!!  The photo here is not shiny...I tried again after this one!

I'm going to take a walk at the gym...trying to continue getting this sweet little guy to move out!

Have a wonderful day!!

gray ric rac copy

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