Saturday, July 9, 2011


I am hanging out with this guy. He has been working NONSTOP lately.
He barely gets off in time for childbirth class.
I am now in my 30th week.
So this guy has been spending the day with me.
Sadly, I am in KY next weekend for baby showers. And when I return he will be gone in the woods for two weeks. Darn Army.
So I'm enjoying today with him.

Today, he shaved his head.
That made me SO SO HAPPY.
His head was shaved when we got married. It was shaved when he proposed (because he was leaving for Ranger school), and it was shaved when I noticed him (again) in high school...because he was getting ready for the swimming state championships. I'm just sayin....a lot of firsts have happened with the shaved head.  And I just love it.
And when he gets out of the Army he constantly warns me that he will grow it to his ankles. :)
And wear unbuttoned shirts blowing in the breeze.
I am fearful of that ;)
But happy that the head is shaved now..
and that he is all mine today!

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