Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Man...27 weeks..

My little man.
About three weeks ago.
I am a humble mom, as you can see :)

Super exciting to know that when I drank the diet coke last night, and he flipped out and kicked me to death, that I can savor and enjoy every kick.  Knowing there is a little PERSON in there.
So hard to believe.
But the ultrasound makes it seem more real.

Baby Finn, we cannot wait to meet you!

PS. Please don't judge this one way or another, but we are trying to decide between Finn and Finneus Finneas.  We will call him Finn, but we just aren't sure if we want him to have more of a FULL name.  {what if he is a lawyer? He needs a nice tough can't just be Attorney at Law Finn Whitis....}  Plus, we're naming him after Phinehas. (I think I have shared before, where he goes after those that are not obeying God...)  
**Edited to take out something I didn't want to come across wrong...and it might to some people, I was just seriously considering if the Lord could be showing me through meaning that we should give this name to our other boy** I am just having trouble deciding on these names, and sometimes I think this baby should be Eli, but that it is "too late" to change because I have already said it out loud.  I guess that is why next time I probably won't tell names at all until the end...because I want to be able to change them around if it doesn't feel right.  All that to say that I am pretty sure his name is Finn...possibly with an ending...

We might not get our sweet adopted baby for a LONG, LONG time (or, prayerfully, things will speed back up and we will get him soon!) the rate Ethiopia's adoptions are slowing down.  And we might LOVE his given which case we would probably keep it.  So maybe we should give this baby the name Eli, and then wait and see.  I love both names...  But now it almost seems wrong...

That's why I tell people not to get too wrapped up in these names.  They aren't final until the boy arrives :)  But...for now...he is Finn :) 

And I'm in LOVE with him.
And praying for my sweet boy in Ethiopia...and longing for the day we will meet him.  It feels so far away.

P.S. I will always (as long as it's not hateful) keep your comments up if you comment with a name,  but if you comment anonymously, I reserve the right to remove..okay? Write me a note instead...

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  1. Names are hard... so final! I almost wrote on my last post announcing our new baby's name "I reserve the right to change this at any time". But just for the record, I think Finn is a good lawyer name. He is SO CUTE by the way... I'm totally jealous of your good ultrasound pic!

  2. Names are so difficult! I think whatever you choose will be the absolutely perfect name. When I was pregnant with baby girl, we decided not to share the name with anyone. I'm so glad we went that route, because 2 weeks before she was born, we completely switched names. I mean completely! And we named her Scarlett. (Her original name was going to be Zahra)

    And when we adopted from Ethiopia, we told everyone that we would name our boy Khalil. When we got his referral, his given name is Nur, which I loved. But I already had told everyone Khalil! Then when I went to Ethiopia and saw everyone calling him Nur, I really struggled with changing that. I wish we wouldn't have told everyone his name cause I think we would have just kept Nur.

    Anyway. . . I completely understand your thought process, and that ultrasound is amazing. :)
    Leah from Life According to Leah
    (Some blogs are not letting me sign in)

  3. I love both the names you've chosen, but I'll just say that I think you should go with your gut feeling on what that baby "feels like" to you, even in the womb. Jude was actually the #2 name on our list most of my pregnancy but towards the end he just *felt* like a Jude, not sure why. That name had a chill, cool kinda vibe and he felt like that to me (but has been wild post-birth, lol). I know that's not real helpful but I think it's FINE to change your name choice, even at birth :) Just have one picked by the time you leave the hospital, haha.

  4. When I was preggo with Blayd (now 3) his name was "Beau" pretty much the whole time I was pregnant. The letters even hung on his nursery wall at some point. 2 weeks before delivery I changed my mind and he became "Blayd" and let me just say he is Blayd to a "T" and would have NEVER been a "Beau". Be patient and go with your instincts - no commitments now! :)

  5. He is truly precious! Great pic! Thanks for sharing! As for the name - all I can say is that you will know it when you first hold may not even be Finn or may be all together different! (And that is his parent's right!!) <3 ljw

  6. When I was pregnant with Cale we didn't share his name. Mostly it was because I was annoying with people's input - "oh you don't want to do that" or comments like that. With Finn, we shared his name, but I still felt the same about you - "what if we change it?!" But it's definitely your right to and just because you've said it out loud doesn't mean it's set in stone. Of course I'm biased and think Finn is a fabulous name :) But you just should go with what feels right for this little guy in your belly (who is super cute already!). Eli Finn, or like the comment above says, something totally different.

  7. I am already in love with baby Whitis should be able to name him whatever you like! You will be the one saying it for the rest of your life! I am so happy to see his sweet face and hear how you are doing! We miss being able to experience your pregnancy with you! I got the ONE LESS shirts in the mail and LOVE them! I wore mine all day today! Love you friend and remember to give yourself a break once in a can't please everyone! <3

  8. We changed Wyatt's name when we had him. It was either Wyatt Hudson or Owen Emerson. And when I held him, we decided Wyatt Emerson. Whatever and whenever you decide for sure is up to you. :) I am so excited for you. I am hoping to make a trip down your way early January. Maybe we could do coffee?

  9. Hey girl! He is gorgeous!! I can't wait to meet that sweet face in person! Any name you choose will be just perfect. You reserve the right to change it at any time, if you so choose :) I love both Finn (with or without an ending!) and Eli (I also love Elias). However, my opinion DOES NOT matter, and even if I hated the names and you loved them...I'd still love that cute little man!!! I think another thing that helped me choose names for baby#2 was to say the name with baby#1's name. Soo...which one do you prefer with Briar? Does one sound better to you, or roll off the tongue easier? Which feels more natural? If it's both, then maybe you already have a first or middle name for Mr. Ethiopia. :) you're the greatest!