Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thinking of Briar...

One of the things I treasure the MOST from my time with Briar is the photos I have to REMEMBER everything. It is sad how much my memory fails me sometimes.  I WISH I would have had my video camera at the hospital.  I will definitely have it this time.  Even Brandon has trouble understanding, saying, "Well, we don't need that many photos this pregnancy, I am more concerned after he is born, we just did this...". I just take NOTHING for granted....knowing that I Have no guarantee about this baby, although there is surely a HUGE hope and prayer that this baby will be 100% healthy. I just don't want to take it for granted.  So we will have some photos of this pregnancy, because we want to appreciate every part of this journey with baby Finn.

I have been thinking of Briar a lot. I am about 29 weeks. At this point in my pregnancy with Briar, I was getting very, very full of fluid. I was uncomfortable.  But, with no extra fluid this time, I still feel super uncomfortable :)  Oh well!!

  I really want to order a print that the AMAZING, INCREDIBLE CAPTURE PHOTOGRAPHY (JESSICA FLYNN) took of us while we were pregnant with Briar.  I am missing him so much lately, but it feels silly to talk about a lot of times.  Brandon definitely understands and there are several friends that I know will always listen, but it is so tough.  I find myself just feeling sad some days during this pregnancy, and I'm just missing him.  Knowing that he is rejoicing in heaven right now...and HONESTLY that is a better place than here in my arms, but boy, it doesn't feel that way...

 Either way, I want a print on my walls to remember that pregnancy, that child.  I am trying to decide what photo to print on metal.  I scored a groupon for $39.00 for an 11x14 metal print, but since I already had a $10 off coupon, it was only $29.99!

If you want to place your vote, I need some help!  I love the bottom photo, but I don't know if it shows the pregnancy well enough... :)  Would love your thoughts.
whitis maternity079
whitis maternity072
whitis maternity067
whitis maternity044

Isn't Jessica Flynn AMAZING? I know...she really is...

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  1. 2nd pic is my favorite. :)

  2. i love the first and the third... they look more natural...

    i know what you mean about not remembering. i just celebrated my daughters 8 year birthday/anniversary of going to heaven and it's hard. i also found out on the same day that my pregnancy isn't going very well and i should prepare for a miscarriage. it's been a rough week.

  3. first or the third. happiness and love is what I see in those:)

  4. Every photo is beautiful, but my favorite is the 2nd one from the bottom. (The 3rd photo) The focus is really on Briar and that belly of yours.

    Briar will always be your child, and you will always be his mama. Although he is in the best place possible, you will always miss him. Thinking of you.
    Leah from Life According to Leah

  5. First or third! (wow! That's 4 of us!) I actually like the 3rd best and think it would look super rad on metal.

  6. You are so beautiful, my Friend...inside and out! Number 3 is absolutely my favorite.

  7. I love all these pics! I think the 4th is super cute! Love all the texture and the way you and B. are looking at each other. Number 3 rocks too!

  8. They are all great! But I would have to agree that the first and third are my faves....they show happiness and love :)

  9. definitely the third...you both have your hands on Briar, joy in your smiles and love is all over ALL 3 of you. I can't look at that picture and not smile... it's awesome.

    love the metal picture idea!

    I totally get what you mean about knowing how good heaven is for our babies, yet since we're still feeling the pain of earth, it's hard to understand sometimes...and being pregnant while trying to work through all of that is hard. Hang in there, you're doing great.

  10. I love the third pic too! =)

    P.S. The yellow print of your shirt in the pics would make cute curtains too! =)

  11. I like them all, but number one shows your pregnancy with Briar the best. Very cute!!

    Dawn in NC

  12. I like the first one...but you are GORGEOUS in all!

  13. I vote for the first one! I like the last one too, but you're so far apart! I love the intimacy of him kissing you on the forehead, and I think it's a little softer than the intimacy of lip kisses and ear nibbles. ;)

  14. HEY, BROOKE!
    I love the 3rd, then the first, picture the best as to remembering the pregnancy...all are good, but I think these show off your belly and Briar best! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks at the shower! Love to you and BAW....ljw

  15. I love the 3rd one! So natural, and I love the looks on your faces! :) Priceless!!!

  16. 3rd would be my first vote! then the first would be my next choice..