Thursday, June 30, 2011

28 weeks and a premie..

Wow. I can't believe I am 28 weeks. I remember when I was 28 weeks with Briar. I had so much fluid. The kicks and movements felt different that time around. Briar moved more, because he had a swimming pool to move around in. :) I feel like I look just as big this time...(two pregnancies in a row will do that to you..) but I donn't have nearly as much fluid.  Tonight I had a sad moment, just thinking of Briar.  Thinking of how I could barely remember his face.  How his nose went up into the top of his forehead.  It's hard to remember.  It makes me feel like a bad mom.  He's my son. I should know.  But our time together was SO SHORT.  Much too short.  But to think of him can I feel sad for him? The only person who I can feel sad for is me :) That I missed out on his life on earth.  But I surely can't feel sad for him.  He is with our Father in heaven. No better place, in my opinion.

Finn moves quite a bit too, but in a different way. I hear more pushing out (almost like a bruise) on the top of my skin.  I love being pregnant, and I feel so lucky that my pregnancy is super easy.  I am still working out every day, and really enjoying it!  A guy at the gym told me that my baby will come out working out.  Well, obviously not doing squats down to the ground... :)
Teresa Cotey, I laughed and laughed about your comments about living in a country where you were forced to squat to use the bathroom.....this is so true...most people that come from overseas have no problem with this kind of squat.  It was a NECESSITY, not a choice.
Not me. :)
My belly looks lumpy at the top. He is just moving all around. I often feel like he is on one side or the other. A lot of people mention it when they see my belly. He is on one side or the other. So goofy. I forgot to remind Brandon that the little focus dot needed to be on my eyes...not on the chalkboard. So enjoy the chalkboard focused photos :)

Just recently, I think I told you that my friend Priscilla delivered a healthy baby after enduring several losses. I was so enthused to meet him that we did a quick photo shoot the day I saw him at home in his new nursery.  Sweet Samuel.
One of the best purchases I have made recently at my local thrift store was the vintage scale that I got for $8. How awesome is that? So,so sweet.



Oh. My. Goodness. I saw him today and he is now three weeks old. He was two weeks old here. SO HANDSOME!!!! I love him!!  He was just a sweet, 5 lb. premie.  Excuse me for missing the ounces here...but he was just a little, handsome snugly man.

Thank you for your opinions on the nursery fabric.  Keep it coming.  I need help.  I have been trying to go see a dresser my friend has for about two weeks now.  Just ridiculous how crazy my life seems. How? I am not working?! It makes me wonder if I will be LESS productive while staying at home.  When I have to work I manage my time very efficiently, because I have to.  When I am not working, sometimes my ADD self gets to roam.

I did decide on a name for my photography.  It is based on what I often say.  I tell people all the time, "Hello, friend".  I feel like it is a cheery way to greet someone.  I call my students friends. I call adults friends.  Unless they dont' seem kind, then they do not get this title.  I suppose, as I name my photography, my hope is that anyone I take photos of will be doing this so that I can invest in their lives.  So I can capture a moment in their lives, a season.  Every change in our lives is marked at a moment in time, but it will not stay this way for long.  As I photograph life, I really love capturing moments.  And my hope is that by the end of a photo shoot, that they can call me a friend.  If not, I dont want to take photos of is important to me that I can connect with every person and/or family that I take photos of.  It makes it much easier to show personality in photos.
You will see some tweaking on this logo.
But this is the draft one that I am putting on my print releases now.

hello friend

I am not taking any new shoots at the moment, but if you are interested in future shoots, I can take your name so that when my schedule opens up, I can let you know! :)

gray ric rac copy


  1. Brooke, those baby pics are precious. LOVE the scale. You look wonderful!

  2. You are so amazing and I miss you dearly! Love your photog you. Did I tell you that I miss you? :) Oh and I like the paisley yellow fabric with the teal you have chosen. The nursery is going to be so you friend!

  3. Brooke, I am SO GLAD that you chose the name "hello friend!" It's perfect. The pictures of Samuel are absolutely adorable and that scale is an awesome thrift store find. Good job. Your nursery is going to be super cute (just be prepared to have a girl and mess everything up)...just teasing. :) Praying for your heart in the miss-Briar-moments. Love you.

  4. Those pictures are amazing!!! he is so adorable!!!

    Your belly is pretty cute too ;)

  5. Those pics of Sam are great! He is such a little cutie! You look great, by the way :)

  6. Love the 28 week picture -- even if the sign is what's in focus. ;) Thank you SO much for the awesome pictures of Samuel! We absolutely LOVE them! Also, I think the name you chose for your photography is perfect...absolutely perfect. :)

  7. You are so stinkin' cute pregnant! Beautiful pics... I'd be putting your name across them though before someone copies and pastes that scale picture... SO CUTE!! I might have to start looking around for a scale for the future photos!

    I know what you mean about fogetting things about our sweet babies... I stare at Rachel's pictures almost daily and look at different parts of her and try to figure out if I really remember her in real life, or if it's just because I have the pictures that I know what her face looks like. There just wasn't enough time :o( I know you miss Briar like's all so bittersweet.

    Thinking of you ♥