Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two things...

Well, blogging has taken a backburner.
Two other things have been taking a lot of my time.
First, I have been spending most of my time trying to finish up a beautiful wedding I had the opportunity to take photos of last month. That's right, last month. I have been working like crazy. And I am still not completely satisfied, but I suppose when you are a perfectionist (in some areas..), it is bound to be an issue. I am not always this way, but when it comes to giving a product of something I have done, I want it to be my best. Even if it is not THE best. I want it to be my best. So that means lots of work. Brandon gets frustrated sometimes, because he tells me I spend way too many hours on photography in regards to the money that I make.  I tell him I am just learning. He tells me that I am getting less than minimum wage.  I think both of us have valid arguments.  In the meantime, I am going to work hard to make sure I can give a product I can feel good about.
 I am sure in the coming years, with kids, this will be something that we have to figure out....how much time I can/will be willing to spend on photography for what cost and what the effects of that will be. But for now, since I am not working, I have time (and I enjoy) spending most days (all day) on photography.
My friend Jennifer helped me out at the shoot (immensely) and she took these...

The main reason I wanted to learn photography was to take photos of my kids growing up.  And now I have that skill, so...mission accomplished... :)  The problem that i am realizing...I am NEVER in any pictures! I guess I'm going to have to train Brandon!  I was just telling him that poor Finn has no pregnancy pictures!

Okay, and second:
Working a lot on getting adoption fundraising situated.
Once again, i will tell you if you haven not received your shirt that you ordered, would you let me know? I think I got them all mailed out, but I NEED TO KNOW if I did not mail yours!! :)

We are running out of some colors in some sizes, so that is awesome.
One of the best things that has happened since we started selling shirts is this:
A sweet friend, Jessica (who I met through blog land)...who knows my awesome (real life) friend Sarah Howell.  Jessica bought a shirt to wear to the homecoming of two Ethiopian babies that a friend of hers adopted.
She sent me this picture:
It made me cry. It really did. I love that there are so many people out there connected through blog land {Christ Jesus} (we would like to think that blogs connect us, but obviously Jesus is connecting all of us through these blogs...) that are reaching out to the poor and the needy.  It makes me smile.  I wish I knew more people in my area adopting.  If you know anyone around Columbus, GA (that would include Atlanta, but it is a little far...) that is adopting, please let me know!!
This is their blog.  I have enjoyed following it and their journey with the new boys!   I love how honest she is. (My child ran and fell in the pool that he could not swim in yet and I had to learn humility...we've only been parents for three weeks!)

Anyway, back to editing for now.  I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.
I am almost 28 weeks preggo. I'll post a picture ASAP!

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  1. 28 weeks!!! OH MY GOODNESS! :):) I am off to check out their blog now... those boys are precious!

  2. so yea, the above comment is actually from me... I was working on someone's blog design and forgot to log back into my account before I started commenting on blogs!! haha oh my brain...

  3. i love how the Lord connects us all!! so fun to see that picture and read the Well's blog :) PLUS- i am super excited to get and wear my shirt!!! wish i was closer to be able to celebrate and share life with everyone adopting!!

  4. What do you have left for shirts? And how much? I think my friend would love one.