Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Starting to think about the nursery

You all are all smart.
Can you help me with some decorating...

Here is the wall color I'm using in the nursery. My AWESOME friends Noelle and Rebecca came to paint while Brandon had a crazy week in the field. I love them!
cathedral gray
This is it. It might not look awesome, but it is.
All the trim is white.
It looks nice.
The crib is white.

I am going to look at friend's dresser. It is turquoise. It is not going to match my crib skirt, I feel sure of it. I picked this turquoise and didn't realize quite how dark it would be.  Rebecca's mom {big momma} is making it.
chevron turq
I still love it, but I don't know how light i can blend...will that go with a lighter turquoise? My plan is to accent with yellows and turquoise...and just a little bit of red. Trying to accent with pops of color.

I want the curtains to be yellow. I am going to {attempt} to make them. It is between these two..
yellow graphic large
yellow damask
Actually, do you see the side of my blog? I would love it if I could find fabric like that to accent with! I found these on for about $8 a yard. I wish I could find cheaper, but using a coupon there, I think it is about as cheap as I can get. Do you have an opinion on the fabrics? Any thoughts? Even if you don't know me, I'll take your opinions...

Okay, and then there is this guy. I just love he needed to be included in this post somehow.
We have been going to childbirth class. It is interesting and definitely teaching me a lot about staying healthy now to stay low risk. I was already doing most of it. One thing I can't do? A squat that makes me butt TOUCH THE GROUND with my feet pLANTED flat. I have bad knees....three surgeries...but can anyone do that? i'm just wondering...ifyou can, don't make me feel bad and tell me... But for the record, I couldn't even do it when I was in my best shape NOT PREGNANT!

Happy Wednesday to you!

gray ric rac copy


  1. I like the yellow fabric on the bottom better. But that's just me. I had great luck finding fabric on Etsy. It was all $8-10 per yard, but I love the patterns I found. Also if you aren't yet on Pinterest, it's a great place to find inspiration, and post your own. It's also a huge time suck if you let it be. Happy planning!

  2. Can I tell you that I now love all things fabric?? And I don't know a darn thing to do w/it, but I've had lots of fun shopping for fabric w/my mom. I like both yellows...I know-real helpful, right?! I kind of lean toward the lighter one, but I know you will make either one look super, super cute. And, I think whichever you don't use you should definitely use to make a pillow or something-too cute to pass up! :) Miss you, friend! :)

  3. Support your heels (or just one heel) with a rolled towel or blanket. While heel to the floor is ideal, it's not possible for everyone. (especially folks with special knee situations!) My yoga training teacher can't do it either and she's teaching the rest of us to teach don't feel any kind of pressure about the squats.

    I never knew that I would be grateful for living with squat toilets for two years, I suppose it's better to have a benefit than to have just suffered for no reason! :)

  4. Your nursery sounds cute already! I love the colors and the fabrics, I like the geometric yellow better but that's just me :) I am looking forward to pictures!

  5. Love the second yellow fabric- so pretty!

    I can do the squat- we childbirth educators have to impress our students somehow! And actually, in labor it was super helpful when my second didn't want to descend. Keep working at it and you'll get it.

  6. What is the name of the paint color? I am looking for a gray to paint my bathroom. Thanks!

    Dawn in NC (

    p.s. I like the second yellow fabric best!

  7. I definitely tried that squat thing... I am 17 year old flexible black belt, and there is no way that is happening for me... my butt is like 4 inches off the ground but I don't see how it would be physically possible to get my butt down any lower! :P lol just thought I would let you know...


  8. I only know one person that can squat like that.... and she is double jointed. Not. Possible. For. Normal. People. :) Love the colors. IKEA soon please. ;)

  9. Brooke,
    I like the top choice for the curtains. That tourquise will look good with that color and patteren. Great choice for a boy. Looks good. Im the same way i like to have a plain wall and accent with colors.

  10. i love the color combination you picked! and the border on your blog looks like quatrefoil. next time i go fabric shopping (which will be soon) i'll keep an eye out for that pattern in yellow.