Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The summer so far...

This pregnancy seems to be flying by! I am 27 weeks already!
We are going to childbirth classes on Tuesday nights and I feel like I am learning a lot.
Our sweet friends Josh and Kelsey are coming with us, which is AWESOME, because with this life, it helps to have BUILT IN time with friends. If the time is not intentional, I feel like we never see anyone!!
And poor Brandon has been sleeping all day (for about 5 hours a day) and then going back to work. Poor guy. And poor me. I don't like being alone, b ut it does give me some time to catch up with some of my introverted self. My summer goal is to get photos put in albums from our high school/college years. I want to be able to look back on them in an album, but I am slowly sucking it up and realizing that I am not going to be scrapbooking them anytime soon. And since kids will just make everything's time!

I haven't been doing much crafting. Pretty much all my time is spent editing photos. It is like my full time job right now....the full time job that pays minimum wage :) Luckily I do love it!

We have spent a lot of our summer on the boat. We took Emma Jane out for the first time, which we all LOVED.

She wasn't sure about the life jacket. She loved it until we put that on.

Uncle B liked the life jacket a little too much.
He loved introducing EJ to the lake. SHe wasn't sure she liked it with Uncle B in the water, but she had fun with her momma!!
She clung to Amy most of the day, which was super sweet.
She thought Jordan was so funny on the tube...
We got Bella on the tube, which momma did not like (me...)

Off to the gym for spin class....and then editing photos and going to the pool.
This summer life is pretty rough...

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  1. Love the picture of EJ being held by Brandon! We do that with a baby in overalls. So funny!