Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet friends...

We always say that in the army, we make friends and then they move away.
People used to say this about us, but we happen to stay put!
We have only lived two places!
One great example of this is one of our favorite couples....
And they moved away.
And we have been sitting in our house crying ever since :)

They actually moved in with us their last week and a half here.
And it was awesome.
It made me think that I could really live with another couple....because it just felt like we were livingin community. It was fun. It was real. It was AWESOME.
Then they left on a cross country drive to their new home in San Diego.
And they took our hearts with them.
Goodbye, Filers.
Hopefully we will be neighbors again, someday!! We love you guys!!
One of the most fun photo shoots EVER!!

That is their sweet little only dog, Georgia, in the background.. :)

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  1. WE MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Nothing is really the same now that we don't get to see you guys every week. We had the best time staying with you and know that we will be able to see you again...WE LOVE YOU GUYS!