Monday, June 13, 2011

Shirts and such...

I feel a little guilty to say that I am leaving my husband at home and going to the beach.  But I'm only going for a day and a really, I don't think he can be THAT jealous :) My friend Krista's hubby is training often (like Brandon does and used to..) so when he he leaves for an extended period (in Germany) she will fly back to the states.  It just so happens she will be home! So I am going to see Hilton Head.  Most likely my last beach vacation without kiddos. I plan to read.  Did I mention I am about 26 weeks preggo? I am doing great....but definitely growing :)
Photo by my sweet, sweet friend Shara Kramer. 
She is awesome! And so sweet! Her hubby was our chaplain at the 82nd in NC and now again here in GA...and they are about to move! So sad...

All that to get around to a very roundabout way: Have I forgotten to send a shirt to anyone? I know I DOUBLE SENT someone a shirt (whoops!) so it leaves me wondering if I have left anyone out.  
I would love it if you still wanted a shirt...We have a limited number of shirts still available sizes S,M,L,XL and probably one 2XL.  All colors.  If you still want one, let me know!  I would love to get you you can support the cause!!
A friend of mine (through blog land) wore her shirt to the homecoming of two boys that came home from Ethiopia in KY. (if you send me the picture, I will post it, I just can't steal it from facebook) And it just made me smile!  My friend is taking two shirts back to Germany. I have sold many in Kentucky.  I have some that are going to NC.  It is exciting to know that the idea of ONE LESS ORPHAN without a family tree can spread....the idea of giving children a home who truly need it.  

We are getting low on some of the colors and sizes (Praise God), and we haven't even started really offering them at church.  So, we are pumped to see the way the Lord is raising funds for the adoption.  
We were excited to get our car seat cover (for strolling, etc..) so Brandon took it out in the sun to see how well it protected.

This has been my perfect morning lately.  Workout (early:5:30), come home, relax and read my bible and my Christian Atheist book...journal, make a to-do list for the day, enjoy my (decaf) coffee and breakfast.....out on my nice shady patio.  It is really the life.  I have it made.  :)  

No fail, this girl is always sitting right next to me.  She is now, even as I write this!

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  1. Have SO much fun at the beach. Vacations definitely change with kiddos (relaxing doesn't really enter the picture), BUT there's nothing like watching them enjoy the ocean or splash in the pool or try new things for the first time. :) We still don't have our shirts, but we haven't paid you yet either, so no worries. :) Love and miss you!

  2. what color shirts do you have left in the XL and what in the 2XL. Are these unisex shirts? :) I am in Northren KY and am interested in maybe purchasing an XL and 2XL :) oh and how much.

  3. Did you make your journal? I love the cover, I posted it on my tumblog to remember it.

  4. That journal cover is so cute! Enjoy your trip :)

  5. Hi Brooke,

    I sent you an email about a shirt I ordered, but I think maybe you didn't get it or it went to your spam box? Sorry I know you don't know me, but the email explains so I will resend it to your gmail account it will be from Jen51087@aol

  6. What colors do you have in size small? Price? Or is there a spot on your blog where they are pictured that I missed? Thanks. Dawn