Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sometimes, you have to get past YOURSELF

Do you ever feel like you're living in a bubble, turning everything inward?
Otherwise known as 'feeling sorry for yourself'?
We all do.  All the time.
I love it when I get a fresh dose of reality. Sometimes all it takes is stepping out for a moment and realizing what is in the world.  Your decorating woes or your child who might be making bad choices or your spouse who is annoying or your job that is driving you crazy....they all are RIDICULOUS in the eternal GLORY of our LORD.  But boy, they sure seem like HUGE OBSTACLES in the midst of them.

Would you believe that i am stressed (seriously) stressed about the nursery DECORATIONS? I haven't even gotten a crib. But i want it to be so cute.  Why? Well, to take my mind off the fact that I am scared to death that a baby won't come home to live in there.  Oh goodness.  STOP ALREADY.  Get out of your little bubble (Brooke)  <---inner dialogue ) and realize that there is so much GOOD in your life and in the WORLD.  And even in the midst of LOSS, even if we were to lose again (which I don't think we will right now, but we are not promised that...EVER...with anyone....), we know that God is good. And he has not forgotten us. And his plans are PERFECT.  Although often MESSY....they are perfect.

I feel thankful that God has taken ahold of my heart, now that I have given him more of my time.
He has given me a complete peace about so much.  About this pregnancy. the adoption. About leaving my job (so tough!) for a new job as a mother.  About the perfect timing of all of it.

It can seem a little overwhelming. A little bit crazy.
But we have always felt sensitive to listen when we hear God calling. And we we aren't turning away from it, although it does seem scary :)

I was reading this blog today, and it sure made me smile.  This woman is incredible.  She is listening.  Obviously, her call looks different than mine, and yours. But she has such a giving heart.  I pray all the time that I would look OUTWARD and not INWARD.  That I wouldn't be so selfish with my time, money, my heart...

Today, I went to see my friend Priscilla.  I have shared her story of loss before.  They lost three babies before this one.  You can read about it on her blog.  She had a healthy baby boy yesterday. I spent a good hour sobbing about this yesterday.  I was SO HAPPY for her.  Pure joy.  God writes our story. It is not always what we want and it certainly is not always easy to explain or reason...but he certainly NEVER forgets us.  Even in the darkest valleys.  I am so happy to see redemption and LIFE for her family.  If you live in Georgia and would like to take them a meal, even if you don't know them, I know they would feel loved.  I am all about rallying around people in their time of need.  Their last name is Moore.  The password can be obtained by emailing me at, since it shares their address on there, I don't want any random people clicking through unless you truly want to help them out.  If you just want to donate a food gift card, I am sure that would be welcome too!!

These were a couple pics I took of them in our photography growth group last semester at church ;)  They are going to be wonderful parents.  Sweet little Sam is so little and PERFECT.  I was so honored to meet him.

I bet sweet Oba won't know what to do with a baby at home.  He has been de-throned as the king of the castle, I feel sure of it :)

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  1. Your title is so true!

    So happy for your friend on the birth of her baby! How wonderful!

  2. So happy for them! I follow Priscilla's blog and have been anxiously waiting for an update. Thanks for the update!