Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two weeks ago...

This was on Easter. I was 18.5 weeks. Hard to see the bump perfectly.  It actually looks bigger than it is here.  But...I'm definitely growing!
Easter was a LONG LONG day...because we stayed for all four services. And it was hot...
And amazing.
And fun!
But ....
at the end, we cleaned up, and I got the balloons. And that is where these pictures came from!
In all, it was an incredible day where we heard the gospel presented clearly.  Where over 30 people accepted Christ in one day.  What an amazing blessing!
Brandon was the Easter Bunny for all four services' easter egg drop, so he was not dressed in his best. He was SO SWEATY...the costume was so gross... but he still looked handsome! This picture is with our sweet friends Natalie and Kevin who are moving to California this weekend. They are staying with us until then and we are enjoying every moment!!

Happy Wednesday to you!

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  1. You look fabulous!! Love the bump! <3

  2. Cute pics! I wanted to share a blog with you. Maybe you already know about it. She adopted from Africa and in fact got her referal when she was 7 months pregnant. Now they have two beautiful children. It reminded me of you!

  3. Hi Brooke. You left a comment on my blog, and I would love to connect with you. Please feel free to email me at leahspafford(at) (Obviously it's the @ sign and not the word at. :) I'd love to connect, and I look forward to following your blog and your story. :)