Thursday, April 14, 2011

7 months...boys everywhere...

Today {actually yesterday} marks the seven month mark since we met our sweet boy. Some days it feels to me as though I never met him at all. Other days it feels so close that I can almost feel his baby soft skin and see his little wiry, tiny, muscular legs in my lap. To a momma, that baby will never leave my heart.  Thanks to those of you that remembered. I sometimes forget that it is the I appreciate a reminder. I think of Briar everyday, so the 'month' markers aren't that significant, because I'm always thinking of him!

It was so special, because today in class, one of my sweet boys named *Bob* (name changed!) told me that he had two siblings. One that lives in New York and one that lives in heaven. That is how I want my kids to explain their brother, Briar. :)

Another exciting thing today { computer was funky and wouuldn't post yesterday so things are written in the 'today' form..}...
We are about two days from being 17 weeks.
And we went to the doctor...
12 weeks baby2
This is our sweet little bean at 12.5 weeks. Not yesterday.
These are the parts we saw then...
boy parts boy 2 copy
But of course everyone has their wives tales about finding out early. 
Oh, the girl parts look like that at first.
Oh, girls are often misdiagnosed as boys.
oh, if the heartrate is can't be a boy..
and so on...
Well...if you had seen this boy part (in another ultrasound, you would have believed it too....)
So we chose to 'wait' to really believe it.
But (let's be honest), I believed it...

Yesterday, we went in for a routine appointment and had another ultrasound.  This was an elective ultrasound...I just wanted to see my guy moving, and double check to see that his boy parts were still there.  Well, they were there.
In fact, he couldn't keep his hands off them.
Typical man. :)

We got some cuter pictures, in which I kept exclaiming "His head is so white!" (which is the bone...which I'm so happy to see!!)....but I didn't have time to scan them before school today!
finn 17 weeks hand
finn 17 weeks boy parts text

Crazy to know that little Eli Matthew, currently living in Ethiopia...
who doesn't know that we will be his family...and might even still live in his birth momma...
Already has another brother here in Georgia..
In my belly.

Pretty exciting!
Happy day for us...two boys coming to the Whitis house....

gray ric rac copy


  1. I feel like the worst friend for not knowing you had a really important ultrasound yesterday! I'm so sorry but so freaking excited!!! WOOHOO! There will be so much testosterone in your house, you won't know what to do! You're going to love it! SO SO SO happy for you guys!

  2. Yay! I love his new pictures! And I love the name Eli Matthew. We got an early gender guess on Friday so I am glad to know yours was correct. Now I can't wait to hear what little beans name is! Love you!!

  3. Cute!!!
    BUT, I do have to say that my friend had the exact same ultrasound at 12 weeks. We all thought it was a boy...There was a penis there, or so we thought, until she had another ultrasound at 19 weeks...
    Kailyin is a beautiful 7 month girl old with NO penis...LOL

  4. CONGRATS! What a cutie. Briar a big bro x2! SO darn exciting I can hardly breathe!!!!

  5. Oh, Brooke...congrats. We are thrilled for you and your family of boys!

  6. we love Briar & his future brothers! good thing you have experience with boys ;) {i think boys are pretty awesome}
    tee hee on the boy parts.
    and i'm loving the name Eli Matthew... :) i am partial to the name Matthew already.....

  7. I've been thinking about sweet little man's pictures all day...his cute hands, itty bitty face, and perfect head. We are so excited to meet your boys!

  8. Both names, Eli Matthew, some of my favs! So beyond excited for you friend :) What are you going to do with all these Whitis males? haha!!

  9. LOVE this!!! we need to get my little girl to meet your little boy and fall in love one day ;) SOOOOOO happy for y'all!!

  10. WaHooo!! so exciting! Thanks for sharing!

  11. YAY!!! So excited for ya'll! BOYS are so much fun!!! :)

  12. I'm so excited to hear about your new little bean - and that it's another boy! We seem to be on a boy roll as well.

    It's amazing the myriad of conflicting emotions one can have carrying a new baby after a loss. I pray that God overflows you with His strength, joy, and peace as He walks you through the upcoming weeks and months.

  13. Yay for little boys! You and I are exactly 2 weeks apart. So weird. We go in on Wed to find out what we're having. My guess is another little boy. We shall see! So happy for you guys!

  14. I am so glad that things are going well for y'all! I pray for you and yours every time I read your blog!

    Best Wishes,

  15. Holy Cow Batman-you weren't kidding about the major boy parts-I remember Briar's pics being very obvious about his boy parts, too-way to go Brandon! ha ha And Eli the name!! Now I want to know the other little Whitis boy name! :) Hugs sent your way!!!

  16. I smiled through this enitre post... so happy for you.

  17. I've been following your blog now for some time. I believe I found you shortly after we lost our daughter. I read Briar's story, and sobbed for you and your family. I have to tell you that it was so uplifting and encouraging to me that you held fast to your faith. I have thought of you and prayed for you often.
    Now, I don't know how I missed it, but CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! I will be praying for a healthy and happy pregnancy and sweet baby boy to come home and live with you! And another big CONGRATULATIONS for Mr. Eli Matthew!
    I have no doubt that God is blessing you so richly!